Syllabus for:

Syllabus for:
Business management (BA_BM_B)
guarantor: Ing. Karel Havlíček, Ph.D, MBA
Time period: summer 2012
The basis of marketing management methods and basis of accouting.
Students will be familiarized and learn what are the bases for strategic and operative
management applicable to marketing, sales, quality, innovation, finances and personnel
management. Students will learn what knowledge, qualities and competencies the managers
of the particular departments should possess. Special attention will be paid to their role during
controlling activities and during company crisis management. Theoretical learning will be
added with real examples from real life. The subject shall also be viewed as the necessary
base for students who will continue with the MBA studies.
Table of Contents
Business management in hypercompetitive environment
Strategic and operational management
Marketing management
International marketing
Sales management
Financial management
Crisis management
Quality and innovation management
Role of managers within team building
The table of contents and specification of each lecture is available in methodical notes.
Used literature:
Havlicek, K : Management - Role of Managers in Company Management (professional texts).
Hellriegel, D. – Jackson, E.S. – Slocum,J.W. (2005) : Management , A Comepetency-Based Approach. Thomson
South-Western, Mason.
Type of lecture, requirements for successful completion:
The study will be performed in a form of lecturers, where the theory will be added with
practical examples and real life experiences. Based on these practical examples, the student
will be able to imagine and understand the factual role of managers necessary during crisis
management. The course is completed with a verbal interview/exam. The so-called individual
topics will be included in the final exam as specified in ML.