Algae Lab Notes

Bio 120: Lab 4 notes Algae
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Algae - Multicellular, photosynthetic protoctists (Group Protoctista)
Phylum Chlorophyta
(Green algae)
- Mostly chlorophyll pigments
- Common in shallow water
Examples: Mermaid’s hair, Enteromorpha; Sea lettuce, Ulva
Phylum Phaeophyta
(Brown algae)
- accessory pigments mask chlorophyll
- can live deeper
Examples: Feather boa kelp; Giant bladder kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera)
Phylum Rhodophyta
(Red algae)
- red pigments mask chlorophyll
- highly variable shapes
- often in deep water
Examples: Sea spaghetti; Coralline algae
Kelp structure
• Giant Bladder Kelp
(Macrocystis pyrifera)
• Holdfast
– Anchor to attach to substrate; like the root of a plant
• Stipes
– Provides structure; like the stem of a plant
• Blades, bladders
- Blades are sites of photosynthesis, they gather light; like the leaves of a
- Bladders, filled with gas (air), help the blades float toward the surface, so
they can gather more light
• Meristem
– Growing tip