Presentation Schedule

May 28
10:05 Mike Mueller and Jason Coslovich “Limited effects of a keystone species: trends of sea
otters and kelp forests at the Semichi Islands, Alaska”
10:15 Gina Troquato and Leah Smyth “ The role of zooxanthellae in the nutritional energy
requirements of Pocillopora eydouxi”
10:25 Christine Mellon and Kristi Craig "Local-scale nutrient regeneration facilitates seaweed
growth on wave-exposed rocket shores in an upwelling system”
10:35 Julia Toro & Savannah Ramsey “The contributions of sea ice algae to Antarctic marine
primary production”
10:45 Dustin Geisen and Alyssa Baldo “Change in zoozanthellae and mucocyte tissue density as
an adaptive response to environmental stress by the coral, Montastraea annularis”
11:00 Grishma Athavale & Karen Carrideo “Population ecology of the invasive kelp Undaria
pinnatifida in California: environmental and biological controls on demography”
11:10 Eli Bowden & Jeannette Hays “Land-to-sea connectivity:linking human-derived
terrestrial subsides to subtidal habitat change on open rocky coasts.”
11:20 Maya Desai & Kaitlyn Huie “Toxic Alexandium blooms in the western Gulf of Maine:
the plume of advection hypothesis revisited”
June 2
10:05 Ronnie & Kevin Nolen “Whole community mutualism: associated inverts facilitate a
dominant habitat forming algae”
10:15 Kimberly Hegg & Nathaniel Horgen “Severe storm disturbance and reversal of community
structure in a southern Ca kelp forest”
10:25 Angelica Moua & Evie Borchard “ Rhodolith bed diversity in the Gulf of California: the
importance of rhodolith structure and consequences of disturbance”
10:35 Arizona Hill & Andrew Duong “Patch dynamics and response to disturbance of the
seagrass Zostera novazelandica on intertidal platforms in southern New Zealand”
10:45 Lauren Boswell and Haley Murray “ COMMUNITY-WIDE EFFECTS OF
11:00 Jennifer Smith and David Ortegon “Composition, distribution, and abundance of deepwater (>30m) macroalgae in central California “
11:10 Tram Huynh and Taylor Pochron “Physiological snapshots reflect ecological
performance of the sea palm, Postelsia palmaeformis (Phaeophyceae) across intertidal elevation
and exposure gradients”
11:20 Annette Zyszczynski & Kaylee Tracy Variation in blade morphology of the kelp Eisenia
arborea: phenotypic plasticity or inherited trait?
June 4
10:05 Shannon Miner and Jilian Biasco "To Break a Coralline"
10:15 Max Brier and Page Traeger “Halophyte filter beds for treatment of saline wastewater
from aquaculture.”
10:25 Josh Vecchione Gardner & Melissa Sawyer “Reproductive longeivity of drifting kelp
Macrocystis pyrifera (Phaeophyceae) in Monterey Bay, USA”
10:35 Aaron Longstreth & Madeleine Whitman Effects of macroalgal structural
complexicty on nearshore larval and post-larval crab composition
10:45 Abram Tucker & Austin Kricensky & Nolen Mc Murray Functional group
diversity, resource preemption and the genesis of invasion resistance in a community
of marine algae
11:00 Nicole Dwyer & Celia Flores Response of Mediterranean coralline algae to ocean
acidification and elevated temperature
11:10 Joanna Vuong & Victor Martinez ”Partitioning the effects of algal species
identity and richness on benthic marine primary production”
11:20 Jon Diab & Ana Tinoco- Ibanez “ Evolution of sexes from an ancestral mating-type
specification pathway”