Online Algae & Plankton Webquest

Online Algae & Plankton Webquest
Use online resources to answer the following questions.
1. What is phytoplankton and what are some types of marine phytoplankton?
2. What is zooplankton and what are some types of marine zooplankton?
3. What are cyanobacteria? What is their importance to changing the atmospheric
composition of the Earth?
4. What are stromatolites?
5. What is archaeabacteria and what is there importance in the evolution of life on Earth?
6. What is chemosynthesis and how do bacteria obtain their energy when no sunlight is
7. What is Brown Algae?
8. What is Kelp and where does it grow?
9. What is the economic importance of algae?
10. What are Diatoms and what is their ecological role in marine systems?
11. What is a Dinoflagellate? List some health concerns associated with Dinoflagellates.
12. Explain bioluminescence in Dinoflagellates.
13. What are Foraminiferans (forams) and where do they live?
14. Draw and label the basic structures of giant kelp, a standard representation of
15. What are the different types of seaweed in the world?
16. What are the different types of salt plants such as seagrasses, marsh plants,