may be producer or consumer Fungus like Protists ex

Kingdom Protista
- Mainly one celled organisms
- may be producer or consumer
Fungus like Protists
Look and act like a Fungus
ex. slime molds: can be uni-or multicellular, eat
bacteria, yeast and decaying matter, form spores
to reproduce.
ex. water molds: can be decomposers or parasites
of plants or animals caused the potato famine.
Plantlike Protists (Algae)
- contain chlorophyll, so are producers
- most live in water or wet environments
- most multicellular, like seaweed
- some unicellular
Green Algae
- some are microscopic and make up plankton
that lives in ocean.
- some are seaweed, ex. sea lettuce
Brown Algae
- still has chlorophyll
- ex. rockweed, has holdfasts that act like roots to
hold it to rocks.
- mostly in colder waters
Red Algae
- red color allows it to absorb a part of the
sunlight that can penetrate deep into the ocean.
- some make substances called agar, for use by
scientists, and in food.
- mostly in warmer waters
Golden Algae
- ex. Diatoms: are glass-like
-when they die they form diatomaceous earth and
that is used in toothpaste and scouring powder.
- also used in paint to help it reflect light for road
Fire Algae
- also called dinoflagellates, they have 2 flagella
- some cause "red tide", where they produce
toxins that get in shellfish and make people
- some have bioluminescence "having living light"
and glow in the water
- single cell that is plant and animal like: has
chlorophyll, but also has a flagella for moving.