Bill Nye: Circulation - ANSWERS 1) Your heart is as big as your fist 2

Bill Nye: Circulation - ANSWERS
1) Your heart is as big as your fist
2) A mans heart pumps about thirty drums of blood a day
3) when your foot is in a weird position it will fall asleep because your blood vessels get squeezed and the blood
cant get through.
4) in your body you have two kinds of blood cells white and red.
5) There are 25 trillion red blood cells
6) There are 25 billion white blood cells
The white blood cells fight infection / disease
8) every day your body makes 200 billion blood cells.
9) white blood cells live 2 weeks
10) red blood cells live four months
11) Your body has 5 (five) litres of blood.
12) Blood travels through the capillaries in single file
13) your heart pumps 100,000 times per day
14) Bill’s blood pressure is 112 over 74 (112/74)
15) a) The blood goes around your body in 35-40 seconds when you’re watching TV
b) When you’re exercising it takes 10 sec.
16) Arteries take your blood away from your heart
17) Veins take your blood back to your heart
18) The capillaries connect the arteries and veins
19) Blood helps your muscles by providing oxygen and nutrients
20) How does a flight suit (G suit) keep your blood circulating? Air bladders on the legs force blood back to the upper
21) DID YOU KNOW??? Blood cells are made in the bones.
22) During your lifetime your heart will beat 2 billion times.
23) The song tells us you blood stream runs through your veins (spleen).
24) What is Bill wearing in the final scene surgeon’s clothes