Week 9

Week 9 – October 19
This week’s vocabulary words are words from Science and our study of
the circulatory system and the heart. Understanding of these words
will help you to better understand the function of both the circulatory
system and the heart.
1. heart – a muscular organ that pumps blood throughout your body
2. plasma – a clear liquid that helps to make up your blood
3. red cells – carry oxygen throughout your body
4. white cells – help fight disease
5. platelets – stop bleeding by sticking together and forming clots
6. arteries – thick vessels that carry oxygen away from the heart
and to the body
7. veins – move blood carrying waste material back to the heart and
lungs so the process can begin again
8. capillaries – connect the arteries and veins
9. aorta – largest artery in the body, Carries blood away from the
heart to the rest of the body
Vena cava the largest vein in your body, Carries blood back
to the heart from the head and upper limbs.