(BBA) in Finance or Financial Management

Program listings under the international program
For degree study areas not listed and subjects not listed students are requested to contact the International Program Director for
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School of Finance and Financial Management
Bachelor of Business Management and Administration (BBA) in Finance or Financial Management
For study areas or subjects not listed kindly contact the International Program Director.
First year
English I, English II, Literature of the Western World, Logical Reasoning, Public Relations, Business Ethics,
World History, Business Psychology, College Algebra, Micro Economics,
Second year
Macro Economics, Business Ethics, Business Law, Principles of Management, Computers and Information, Introduction to
Accounting, Finance, Accounting, Computing Accounting Methods, Business Statistics,
Third Year
Leadership, Financial Accounting, Computerized Accounting, Strategic Management, Management Accounting, Monetary and
Currency Systems, Corporate Finance, Taxation, Cost Accounting, Business Forecasting,
Fourth Year
Management Information Systems, Banking, Investment Management, Financial Analysis, Decision Management, Investment
Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, Risk and Insurance Management, Risk Management in Banking,