Lesson 13 Study Guide

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Lesson 13
“Daffodil Spring” by Irena Freeman
Genre: Expository Nonfiction
Has facts and details to help you learn about a topic.
Focus Skill:
Author’s Purpose
Author’s Purpose- the reason the author wrote something.
Knowing whether a writer is trying to explain, entertain, or persuade helps readers focus on
the main message.
If readers know the author’s purpose, then what he or she reads will be easier to understand.
Phonics Skill: Consonants /s/ c (soft c) and /j/ g, dge (soft g)
Grammar: Subject and Object Pronouns (Quiz Wednesday & Test Friday)
A pronoun takes the place of a singular noun.
Subject Pronouns
 A subject pronoun takes the place of the subject noun.
Examples: I, you, he, she, it, we, and they
Object Pronoun
 An object pronoun takes the place of an object noun.
Examples: me, you, him, her, us, it, and them
Vocabulary: (Quiz Wednesday & Test Friday)
1. columns- A column is a tall, circular structure that holds up part of a building.
2. absorb- Something absorbs a liquid if it soaks up the liquid.
3. protects- When you protect something, you keep it safe.
4. rustling- When objects are rustling, they are moving and making soft sounds.
5. dissolve- When something dissolves, it mixes completely with liquid.
6. particles- Tiny pieces of something are called particles.
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“Daffodil Spring”