Group 4 - PMP-workshop-Sept-2010

Group 4
Project Quality Management
Project Quality Management
• Quality is defined as the degree to which the
project fulfills requirements.
• Requirement has to be defined from before
• (Know what is? How to get it? And why?)
Project Quality Management
The Quality Management processes include the
• Plan Quality
• Perform Quality Assurance
• Perform Quality Control
Impact of Poor quality
Increased cost
Low morale
Low customer satisfaction
Increased risk
Project Quality Management
The following are related to quality:
• Recommend improvement to org’s standards, policies
and processes.
• Quality to be considered when there is a change to any
component to the project constraints
• Quality to be checked before an activity is completed
• Time must be spent to improve quality.
• Metrics to be used to measure quality
• A plan to be in place for continuous quality
• Authorized approaches & processes must be followed
• Some quality activities to be done by the QA& QC
Quality Process
Plan Quality
Perform QA
Perform QC
High-level Description of what each process focuses on
What is quality? How will we
ensure it?
Are we following the process?
Are we meeting the standards?
More detail description of what each process focuses on
Find existing QA standards
Use measurements from QC
Measure quality
Create additional specific standards
Perform continuous
Identify quality improvements
Determine what work to do to meet
the standards
Find good practices
Validate deliverables
Determine how to measure
Share good practices
Complete check lists
Balance the need of quality with
scope ,cost, risk, resources, time
and customer satisfaction
Update lesson learned
Submit change request
Update project management plan
Group process: Planning
Monitoring and controlling
Tools and Techniques
Plan Quality
Perform Quality
Perform Quality Control
Cost Benefits analysis
Check list used
Cost of quality
Statistical sampling done
Control charts created
Design of experiment
Statistical sampling plan
Any quality tools are
used to check if proper
processes were followed
or if processes need to
be improved
Cause and effect
Flow chart used
Pereto chart
Flow chart created
Run chart
Check list created
Scatter diagram
Control chart used
Gold plating
Prevention over inspection
Marginal analysis
Continuous improvement (or Kaizen)
Just in Time(JIT)
Responsibility for quality