Volvo trucks North America with
Carmichael lynch Spong
Okello Peter
The case give adequate background information because;
most of the information was on the problems they were
facing with trucks. This is evidenced by, drop in market
sales revenue from 11.1% to 9.1%
Volvo needed to demonstrate that their trucks were a
smart choice for today’s business savvy trucking
To reach its highly mobile customer base.
It was Reactive
Reacting to the worst company performance in 17 years
Other truck manufacturers were growing while Volvo
trucks struggled.
Market shares dropped from 11.1% to 9.1% in 1996
Volvo’s ranking was poor because it was 6th of the 8
class manufacturers
Volvo’s new VN series sales was lagging
Perceived high and expensive maintenance
vehicles and difficulty to access dealers.
3 million truck drivers
229 motor garage- Volvo trucks dealership
3000 Volvo tucks employees
The general public
Should other audiences also have been
No because all other audiences were
considered in the general publics
Interview truck drivers
Perceptual mapping by CLS
Identified and studied news articles about
truck manufacturing
Super Bowl game
Gathered information from the company data
base search.
Data was complete because of the strategies
that were used after data was successfully
analyzed from the interviews, super Bowl
game promotions and the perceptual
mapping w.
The test drive conducted by CLS (PR) firm
during a visit because they should have used
qualified drivers.
Fixed numbers of targeted audience
Adequate information
Managed to compare competitors success
Research managed to identify most of
watched event among trucking professionals
Test drive done by PR firm
Few drivers were interviewed according to
targeted audience
IMPACT objectives
Increase awareness-information by 98%
Sales leads
Ratings by Volvo drivers
Sales shares
Change attitude /perception
Interests in Volvo’s Super Bowl sport
General trials for Volvo trucks
Opportunities for Volvo dealers to interact
with their customers and drivers
Increased print adverts
Improved sales
Schedule five special events
Numbers make it confusing and less
*Should they have used time frame?
They should have used time frame to give
them guidance to hit their targets
People would get tired/bored of their advert
Costs are easily determined
Because they used more research
News/feature editorial coverage
Super Bowl sport
Test drive
Most objectives were impact. That is, instead
of using impact strategies, they used output
strategies to meet the impact objectives
It was short
To the point and simple
Volvo is the best truck to drive “theme”
Volvo tracks are affordable.
Volvo trucks are the best choice of todays
trucking professionals.
Test trials/drives
Super Bowl sport
Game day activities
Win prizes during super Bowl match
Oil change program
Super Bowl parties (40) at selected flying J
trucks stops
Pseudo event ? NO
Because this was interesting, strategic and
Radio broadcast
Dealers met their customers and drivers
Employees were equally met
The company interacted with the public
during the drive
There was feedback during Super Bowl parties
No forms of communication was omitted.
The company did not over rely on the media
through out the test drive, parties, interviews
of drivers, and also got information about
Volvo meaning there was a grassroots
 There was authentic information got direct
from the manufacturers
 Interacted directly with customers during the
parties and test drives
 Dealers participation and employee meetings
 Media, website, humorous print ads
Oil changing program
Super Bowl Tv sport/ parties
Tracking radio shows
National test drive
Verbal cues
 Tv show
 Radio
 Meeting Volvo customers and owners
Non verbal cues
 Posters
 Billboards
 Press inserts and website
Two-way communication;
 Meetings
 Super Bowl feedback
 Parties
Opinion leaders;
 Opinion leaders were not used during the
Group influence
 There was majorly group influence like of
truck drivers, employees and motor dealers
 Once something is salient, people would love to associate with it hence
increasing awareness and sales of the Volvo trucks.
 Products that are salient generate more gross impression.
 It generates interest in Volvo trucks.
Non verbal and verbal cues.
 Verbal cues allows feedback since there is interaction with the masses.
 Non verbal cues helped in promoting cues for example the websites.
 Both verbal and non verbal cues helped in creating awareness.
 The verbal cues creates opportunities for interaction between the
dealers, customers, employees and general public
Two way communication;
Creates multiple opportunity for interaction.
Helps in getting immediate feedback from the
Opinion leaders:
Opinion leaders were not used but however they
help in generating interest towards a product
because people usually trust them
It creates credibility toward the product.
Creates a desired brand perception.
Group influence:
 It helps in creating band wagon since people usually
associate with a product because their friends are
using it.
 Creates interaction among group members.
 Creates awareness.
Selective exposure:
 Easier to reach the targeted audience
 It is less costly since a small group of people are
 It creates interest because the means used to
advertise usually match the interests of the selected
Audience participation;
 Increases sale leads since the audiences
easily associate with the product.
 Creates a desired brand perception among
the audience.
 It generates awareness since the audience
takes part in the events.
Each of the objectives was evaluated separately:
Objective 1;
 Awareness 1.4m(45%) truck drivers actively viewed the commercial surpassing
the company goal of 1million drivers. Among consumers, Volvo trucks super
bowl campaign resulted into 98% growth in total awareness of Volvo truck
Total gross impression campaign generated more than 220m gross impression
between new/ feature editorial coverage and paid media.
News/feature editorial coverage, CSL generated 91.1m gross impression by
placing more than 231 news print articles and broadcast segments.
Super bowl was the top rated commercial for a rockier super bowl advertiser.
The website accounted for 22% of the sweepstake entries.
Objective 2
 Drivers rated Volvo trucks as their preferred
 There was significant improvement of the publics
perception of Volvo drivers.
Objective 3
 More than 2500 truck drivers took test drives in
the Volvo 770.
 The sweepstakes generated the lead goal of
 Orders increased by 111% in the U.S during
Objective 4:
70% of Volvo trucks dealers participated in
the sweepstakes promotion.
85% /95% of the mangers and dealers were
very satisfied with the super bowl parties.
4000 truck drivers watched the super bowl at
the Volvo trucks super bowl parties.
Selective approach where by each objective
was coined to ascertain the goal achieved.
Comparison of originally targeted audience
against the achieved audience(1m-1.4m
Statistical data analysis.
Segmentation of audience and events.
Market analysis since there was comparison
of Volvo truck brand to other brands.
They help in credibility due to the use of
It is easier to evaluate data since it was
The methods helped in the planning process.
Help in measuring the achievements of the
sweepstakes program.
Makes measuring the success of the set goals
and objectives.
Helps in measuring the effectiveness of the
strategies used.
Yes because of the following:
 Awareness of the Volvo trucks brand was
 The campaign generated more total gross
 Super bowl sport was a hit.
 The website increased the sweep stakes
 Sales were increased.
 Volvo trucks became the preferred choice of
There was significant improvement in the
publics perception of Volvo drivers.
The Volvo test tour was successful.
Sales revenue increased.
Dealer participation in the sweep stakes
promotion increased.
The super bowl parties lead to gratification.
The case used the objective to evaluate the
success the campaign.
The public relations program was very
effective because they achieved the set
objectives and goals and reached their
targeted audience.
Strength of the Campaign:
 It dealt more with the public/audience
 They used all media plat foams hence
reaching a wider audience.
 They used cooperate social responsibility for
example oil changing activities
It didn’t use opinion leaders in their mass
Involve the public in public relations campaign.
Good media relations helps in driving a successful
Cooperate social responsibility is important in creating
brand identity and image.
Advertising is key in creating brand awareness.
Two way communication is essential while caring out a
campaign since it allows for more feedback.
Stake holders are a great part of a great P.R campaign
since they help in changing peoples mind set.
Cooperate events helps to attract audience to your brand.
Market research/ environmental scan is key before caring
out a P.R campaign.
Sales promotion help in brand marketing.
we would use social media since it is a great
tool of marketing.
we would use brand ambassadors like actors,
musicians and comedians.
We also use opinion leaders since they
influence peoples perception.
The campaign was successful because it was
able to create awareness, improve sales,
change perception towards Volvo trucks.
The IMC tools were effectively used to achieve
these results
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