What Can I do for Extra Credit?

What Can I do for Extra Credit?
If you wish to earn extra credit, you must choose one of the approved assignments on this
list and complete it. I will accept extra credit assignments only if they are done in entirety and
they meet the specified guidelines.
1. Identify mistakes (spelling, grammar, structure, etc.) in print material.
 The media may be newspapers, magazines, books, anything printed and distributed.
 No internet pieces are permitted. No pieces published by/connected to CISD.
 Students will receive 3 extra credit points for each error found, highlighted, and
 Students may find up to 10 mistakes per 6 weeks, which totals 30 extra credit points a
grading period.
2. Poetry of Phrases Writing
 Students will write a phrase poem using one of the patterns on their “The poetry of
Phrases” handout. (This is located on the back of the TPCASTT page.)
 Phrase pattern choice is up to the student. A pattern may not be completed more than
once in a semester.
 The topic of the phrase poem is up to the student. All topics must remain school
 Credit will only be earned for poems that are correct in patter, spelling, grammar, etc.
 Students may turn in one phase poem a 6 weeks. Each phrase poem completed will earn
up to 10 extra credit points.
3. TPCASTT Poetry Analysis
 Students will choose one of the following poems and complete the TPCASTT analysis
steps on the poem. (The steps can be found on their “Poetry Analysis and TP-CASTT”
 Students may turn in one TPCASTT extra credit assignment a 6 weeks. Each TPCASTT
assignment will earn up to 30 points. Points will be awarded based on correct
formatting, analysis, and detail.
 A student may not choose the same poem he/she has already completed TPCASTT on
during the standard class poetry assignment.
 Poem selections:
1. “Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes
2. “Hold Fast to Dream” by Langston Hughes
3. “I’m Nobody” by Emily Dickinson
4. “October” By Robert Frost
5. “Conformity” by Emily E.