Lines (Round 1) REVISED This unit will not be your only opportunity

Lines (Round 1)
This unit will not be your only opportunity for studying poetry; however, you will examine poetry so
frequently and intensely in this unit that weeks and months later you will still be able to able to analyze and
interpret poetry with confidence.
Each student in the class will facilitate the discussion of one poem. Your goal is NOT to make everyone else
see the poem in exactly the same way that you see it. Your goal IS to share your insights and encourage others
to share theirs. The climate of this activity should be one of respect and consideration of others’ ideas.
You must include both of the activities below as part of your facilitation grade.
Using the TPCASTT model or the DIDLS model (as demonstrated by Mrs. Murphree) or a Socratic
Circle that covers elements of TPCASTT or DIDLS, you will lead a discussion of your assigned
poem’s style, devices, meaning, and themes.
2. You have been assigned one of the following post-discussion activities for the class to complete;
discuss their responses.
a. Levels of Questions (LOQ)
b. Literary 3x3
c. Ink Think
You should NOT research your poem and tell us everything that other people said about it; there is more than
one correct interpretation. Be confident that your interpretation is reasonable; it will be if you pull evidence
from the poem to support your idea.
The following calendar lists titles, dates, and facilitators. All of the poems are located in your textbook; if you
lose your copy, you may find some of the poems online but not all. Each facilitator’s score will be determined
using the attached rubric. Everyone else’s score will be based on contribution to the discussion and
participation in the activities.
Poem Title
“Blackberry Eating”
“To His Coy Mistress”
“Hanging Fire”
Date for HW
Thursday, 9/11
Thursday, 9/11
Friday, 9/12
Date for Discussion
Friday, 9/12
Friday, 9/12
Monday, 9/15
“I Being Born a Woman and
“A Work of Artifice”
“My mistress’ eyes are
nothing like the sun”
Friday, 9/12
Monday, 9/15
Josiah R./DIDLS/Lit. 3x3
Ambria D./Socratic Circle/Ink
Monday, 9/15
Monday, 9/15
Tuesday, 9/16
Tuesday, 9/16
Tuesday, 9/16
Thursday, 9/18
Caleb H./DIDLS/Lit. 3x3
Chase C./Socratic Circle/Ink think
Scoring Rubric
Use of assigned activities:
20 points
Inclusion of classmates in discussion:
40 points
Use of textual evidence as support:
40 points