Activities You Can Do To Reinforce Responsibility At Home!

Activities You Can Do To Reinforce Responsibility
At Home!
1. Help your child think about the responsibilities they have every day in
taking care of themselves as well as their household chores, etc…
2. Talk with your child about the responsibilities that we have as citizens
such as following rules and laws.
3. Use a simple plan for helping your child make decisions:
 Stop: realize you have a choice to make
 Think: think about the people who might be affected by the choice
 Listen: listen to your feelings and thoughts about the choices and
what your family has said about those choices
 Trust: you know the right thing to do, trust yourself to do it
 Act: make the decision and be willing to take the consequences for
the choice you make-good or bad.
4. Excuses, excuses-children often have many excuses for not fulfilling
responsibilities. For example: if a child says, “I’ll do it later”; allow
them to set the time they will have it done and then hold them to it.
Be definite about the consequence about not getting it done by their
chosen time.