French 20 - Natick Public Schools

Syllabus French 20 Bien Dit ! Holt McDougall 2012
We anticipate that each chapter will be covered in 4-6 weeks.
Chapitre 1 Ma famille et mes copains
Objectives :
Describe yourself and ask about others
Talk about likes and dislikes
Ask for information
Tell when you do something
Grammar :
Review of regular present tense verbs (-er, -ir-, -re verbs)
Review of être and avoir in the present tense
Adjective agreement
Review of beau, nouveau, vieux
Review of dormir, partir, servir, sortir
Culture : Discover Paris
Charlemagne and the history of cursive writing in France.
Chapitre 2 On fait la fête
Objectives :
Wish someone a good time
Ask for and give advice
Ask for help
Check if things have been done
Grammar :
Direct and indirect pronouns
Regular and irregular passé composé with avoir and être
Review of offrir
Negative expressions
Culture : French Holidays
Le Carnaval/ MardiGras
Chaptire 3 Faisons les courses
Objectives :
Ask about food preparation
Make requests
Shop for groceries
Ask where things are
Grammar :
Review of the partitive
The pronouns y and en
Review of question formation
Placement of double object pronouns
Review of the contractions using à and de
Culture : Discover Québec
Traditional Québecois cuisine
Chapitre 4 Au lycée
Objectives :
Ask how something turned out
Wonder what happened
Ask for information
Express frustration
Grammar :
Object pronouns with the passé composé
Quelqu’un and quelque chose
Ne…personne, ne…rien, and ne…que
Personne…ne, and rien…ne
Recevoir, ouvrir, suivre
Expressions of time using depuis, il y a ça fait
Culture : Education in Québec
School places and events
Chapitre 5 Une journée typique
Objectives ;
Talk about your routine
Express impatience
Say when you do things
Make recommendations
Grammar :
Reflexive verbs
Tout, tous, toute, toutes
Spelling change verbs
Culture : Everyday life in France
Products and symbols of France
Chapitre 6 Le bon vieux temps
Objectives :
Talk about when you were a child
Tell about an event in the past
Compare life in the country and in the city
Describe life in the country
Grammar :
The imparfait
The passé composé versus the imparfait
Review of adverb placement
The comparative with adjectives and nouns
The superlative with adjectives
Irregular comparatives and superlatives
Culture : Childhood activities
Life in the country
Chapitre 7 Un week-end en plein air
Objectives :
Say what happened
Describe circumstances
Tell what you would do
Wonder what will happen
Grammar :
The passé composé and the imparfait ( continued)
Être en train de
The future tense of regular and irregular verbs
Culture : Dakar
National Parks and outdoor activities
Chapitre 8 Es-tu en forme ?
Objectives :
Ask and tell how you feel
Describe symptoms and give advice
Complain about health and give advice
Sympathize with someone
Grammar :
The subjunctive of regular and irregular verbs
More expressions with the subjunctive
The conditional and si clauses
Polite requests using the conditional
Culture : Health
Fitness and health care in francophone countries