French 2

Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions
LOTE Department
French 2A Syllabus-Fall 2014
Teacher: Ms. Ramos
[email protected]
Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. As the world becomes
increasingly interdependent, it is important for every person to acquire the skills necessary for
effective communication and cross-cultural understanding. A Texas Framework for Languages
Other Than English presents a curriculum framework for learning and teaching languages aimed
at helping all students reach high and challenging standards. The following are the five program
goals upon which TEKS for LOTE are based:
Goal 1: Communication
Students develop communicative abilities in the three modes: interpersonal, interpretative, and
presentational, integrating the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and
Goal 2: Cultures
Students learn about and experience other cultures
Goal 3: Connections
Students use language to acquire new information and knowledge in other subject areas.
Goal 4: Comparisons
Students learn the nature of language and culture by comparing other languages and cultures with
their own.
Goal 5: Communities
Students use language to participate in communities both at home and around the world.
Fall Semester Contents:
Cycle 1
Chapitre preliminaire A, B, C, D, F and Chapitre 1
Reviewing the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months, seasons and telling the time
Describing people
Talking about school, subjects and classroom rules
Talking about family and the home
Describing what you do on a daily basis
Planning out your weekend
Cycle 2
Chapitre preliminaire E, Chapitre 2, and Chapitre 9
1. Narrating in the past
2. Discussing health - related issues
3. Making an appointment to go to the doctor
4. Visiting the doctor office
5. Going to a hotel
6. Going shopping and describing what you bought
Cycle 3
Chapitre 2 et 5
Giving and following directions to places
Giving a friend directions for completing a task
Using a map to locate places
Writing and preparing a recipe
The language will be practiced and promoted through a variety of oral and written activities and
students will be encouraged to respond in the target language. Reading skills will be enhanced by
using short stories and authentic materials. The students will be exposed to many different styles
of speaking in order to facilitate their oral discrimination and to improve their ability to pick up
salient facts and ideas presented orally.
Evaluation will be conducted by using different methods and techniques that will reveal students’
strengths and weaknesses. Some of them will include: multiple choice, sentence completion,
essays, oral presentations, projects, final exams, etc.
1. Major Grades
(Which include exams, major projects, and presentations)
2. Daily Grades
(Class work, quizzes, oral participation)
3. Homework
Bon Voyage Level 2, textbook, workbook and video series
Target Language magazines