Anatomy Powerpoint

Human Sexuality
Shayla McBride
The objective of this PowerPoint is to inform and further students
knowledge of female and male sexual anatomy and physiology.
 Today,
women are more familiar with their
sexual body parts than they have been in the
past. I believe it is very important to know
and explore yourself at an age before you go
through puberty and changes.
 Hopefully the information in this slideshow
will help you understand yourself more.
 The
vulva consists of all of the external
genitals of the female.
 The vulva includes
Pubic Hair
Mons veneris
Labia majora
Labia minora
Urinary opening
Vaginal opening
 What
do you think is the cause for women
altering the appearance of their vulvas?
 They
do not like the size or shape of their
labia's. (labiaplasty)
 Religious or cultural beliefs.
 For sexual pleasure by piercing the labia.
 To look more like the women do in
 Because they have received negative
comments from sexual partners about their
 This
is referred to as the “mound of venus”.
 The mons veneris is the area the covers the
pubic bone.
 Touching the mons veneris can be
pleasurable because of the many nerve
 The mons veneris becomes covered in hair
during puberty
 The
labia majora are the outer lips
 The labia minora are in the inner lips that
are inside the inner lips and sometimes
protrude out of the outer lips.
 The labia minora do not have hair on them,
and join at the prepuce(clitoral hood).
 The labia minora and majora vary in size,
shape, and color in every woman.
 The
clitoris’ only function is sexual pleasure.
 It’s an extremely sensitive structure.
 The size, shape, and position vary for each
 A few days before ovulation the clitoris
becomes larger.
 The
vestibule is located inside the labia
 It has a lot of nerve endings and blood
vessels so it makes it sensitive.
 Urine passes out of the body through the
urethral opening.
 The urethra is a short tube that connects the
bladder and the urinary opening.
 The urethra is located between the clitoris
and the vaginal opening.
 The
introitus is the opening to the vagina.
 It is located between the anus and the
urethral opening.
 The hymen is present at birth and remains
intact until the first intercourse.
 The only function of the hymen is to protect
the vaginal tissues in the early stages of life.
 The
perineum is present in males and
 It is the smooth skin between the anus and
the vaginal opening on a woman and the
scrotum and anus on a man.
 There
are several structures underneath the
vulva. Those structures are:
Cavernous bodies located in the shaft of the
clitoris which fill with blood during sexual
There are two Vestibular bulbs on each side of
the vaginal opening that also fill with blood
during sexual arousal.
Bartholin’s glands are inside the vaginal opening
and secrete liquid during sexual arousal.
 The
vagina is a canal that opens at the vulva.
 It contains three layers of tissue: mucose,
muscle, and fibrous tissue.
 Sperm pass through the vagina through the
 The cervix is located at the back of the
 The uterus, also known as the womb, is a
pear shaped organ.
 The uterus is where the fetus grows.
 Eggs
and sperm travel through the fallopian
 The fallopian tubes are extended from each
side of the uterus.
 The ovaries are about the size of an almond
and are at both ends of the fallopian tubes.
 Ovulation happens when a mature ovum
releases into the ovaries.
Menstruation takes place if conception has not
 Menstruation happens when the uterus lining is
sloughed off.
 The menstrual phase is when the menstrual flow
is expelled through the cervix and vagina and
consists of blood, mucus, and endometrial
 The proliferative phase is when the ovarian eggs
 The secretory phase there is continued
secretions of LH that cause the cells of the
ruptured follice to develop the corpus luteum.
 Men
usually don’t talk much about their
health, whether it’s an illness or a sexual
problem. Learning to explore yourself and
understand your body is important for sexual
 The
penis has a lot of nerves, blood vessels,
fibrous tissues, spongy tissue, and is sensitive
to touch
 The root of the penis extends internally into
the pelvic cavity.
 The external portion of the penis, including
the head is the shaft.
 The head of the penis is referred to as the
 The loose skin that covers the head of the
penis is called the foreskin.
 Many men, about 80%, have a circumcision
and have the foreskin surgically removed.
 Does
penis size or shape effect sexual
performance or satisfaction? How?
 Men
might be self conscious about penis size.
 Men don’t like to show themselves in front of
other men, or in front of female partners.
 Society makes it out to be that bigger is
better. (pornography especially)
 The
scrotum is a loose pouch of skin
underneath the penis. When it is cold, or
during sexual stimulation the sac moves
closer to the body.
 There are 2 compartments in the scrotum
that each hold a single testis.
 The
testicles produce sperm and secrete sex
 The testes are usually asymmetrical in men.
 Sperm production takes place within the
seminiferous tubules(thin, coiled structures)
 Sperm cells mature further for several weeks
in the epididymis.
 Sperm drain from the epididymis into the Vas
 The seminal vesicles are glands next to the
Vas Deferens. The seminal Vesicles are
important regarding male fertility.
 The
Prostate Gland is the size of a walnut at
the base of the bladder.
 The prostate is continually active in mature
males but it is heightened during sexual
 Semen ejaculates through the opening of the
 The amount of seminal fluid ejaculated
depends on the time since last ejaculation,
duration of arousal, and age.
 Erection
happens when the blood flowing out
of the penis cannot keep up with the inflow.
 Erection remains until the blood flow returns
to normal.
 Ejaculation happens when semen exits the
 There are two phases to ejaculation. The
emission phase is when contractions take
place. The expulsion phase is when the
semen is expelled out of the body, and more
contractions occur.
 It
is important to wash your penis at least
once a day. If a man is not circumcised, he
needs to pull the foreskin back to thoroughly
clean it.
 Men can be diagnosed with penile cancer. It
is extremely rare, but very deadly if not
caught soon enough.
 Testicular cancer is more common, especially
in men ages 20 to 35.
 There
are several diseases of the prostate.
Prostatitis is when the prostate becomes
enlarged, usually due to an infection.
Benign Prostatic hyperplasia(BPH) is when your
prostate increases in size and happens to older
Prostate cancer is the second most frequently
diagnosed cancer, and the second leading cause
of cancer death after lung cancer.
need 2 volunteers to be our scribes for the
 I want to compare and contrast male and
female anatomy using the compare and
contrast circles.
Male: Penis,
scrotum, testicles,
prostate gland,
seminal vesicles,
cowper’s glands,
urethra &
urethral opening,
kegel exercises,
urinary tract
Female: breasts,
vagina, clitoris,
hymen, fallopian
tubes, ovaries,
uterus, cervix,
need you to get into groups of 4 and
complete these worksheets.
 You need to properly label the male and
female anatomy.
will pass out a worksheet to each person.
Get into groups of 4 and complete the
crossword puzzle. I need a sheet turned in
for each student.
 You will have 2 crossword puzzles. One for
female anatomy, and one for male anatomy.
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