Manifest Destiny.

 It
means to move the country from sea to sea.
 Made by John L. O’sullivan in 1815.
 It
was a area of land between the pacific ocean and the
Rocky Mountains.
 Treat with George Washington.
 The journey was 200 miles long, and started in the
Mississippi Valley.
 It went over Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.
 It crossed the North and South Plate river. The
Columbia, and the Snake river.
Texas won their independence from Mexico, and asked to be
in the United States.
 In 1835.
 He continued his fathers dream, and got permission for the land
 They formed a Decree , or official order to keep all immigration
from the United States. The Americans were uneasy about
 General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became president.
The Alamo was a Texas mission, and the Mexican army
came to it to fight the Texans.
 On March 2, 1836 at Washington on The Brazos.
 Sam Houston.
 April 21. Remember the Alamo. Santa Anna signed a
treaty recognizing Texas's Independence.
 Because the argument of slavery.
 December, 29 1845.
 John k. Polk.
New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and part of
 Becknell's route to sell goods.
 Missouri river Arkansas river Rocky Mountains, New
 Americans began settling in the region.
 The Santa fe Trail.
 Mild, Scenic beauty, and abundance of natural resources.
They would be safe by the seas, not foreign powers, and help
 Rio Grande.
 Nueces river.
 Agreed upon war, Americans killed on our soil, attack was
grounds of war.
 Disgraceful and cruel, The expansion would bring more slavery
 Bear flag.
 General Winfield Scoot.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, February 1848.
 Rio Grande.
 California and New Mexico.
 Gadsden purchase, strip of land along the southern edge of
Arizona and New Mexico.
In 1849, California, 49ers.
 Sierra Nevada.
 Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, China.
 Town Built almost over night!
 It grew from a tiny village to a huge city of over 20,000.
 A Jewish immigrant, sold sturdy denim jeans to miners.
 Mormons.
 Joseph
 He had visions telling him to make a new Christian
church, he ended up dead.
 Brigham Young.
 Great Salt Lake.
 1896.