Nervous System Webquest
Neurons and Nerve Impulses
1. Open a new Internet tab and go to the learn.genetics site. Search for mad neuron or control click on the link
below to go directly there
Train with Dr. Dendrisitein to become an apprentice mad scientist by building your own monster neural circuit! Click on
the play button
2. Turn your volume down so that ONLY YOU can listen to Dr. Dendristein explain what to do. Follow his
instructions to create a neuron.
3. On a separate sheet draw each neuron part. Make a line that comes from the part to the side of the page and
label the name of the part, and what it does. (copy from the “Mad Scientist Apprentice Training Panel.”) You
will actually create two neurons to hook together.
4. Record your score under your two neurons.
Anatomy of the Brain
5. External view of the brain: Label the following structures of the brain using the animation and give their function on
the right.
Control click the link below.
Parietal Lobe-
Temporal Lobe-
Frontal Lobe-
Medulla Oblongata-
Occipital Lobe-
Use your textbook and the Internet to answer the following questions in complete sentences.
6. What is the purpose of the nervous system?
7. What is the job of the peripheral nervous system?
8. What does the autonomic nervous system do?
9. What 2 systems make up the peripheral system? What do they do?
10. What makes up the central nervous system?
11. What are the 5 sense organs?
12. How much does an adult brain weigh?
13. What is a reflex?
14. Give an example of a reflex.
15. What is the structure or gap called where one neuron can pass a signal to another neuron or cell?
16. What is the function of the tissue called myelin that surrounds the axon?
17. Give an example of a scenario in which there is a stimulus and a corresponding response.
18. What are the strengths of someone who is said to be “right brained”?
19. What are the strengths of someone who is said to be “left brained”?