by Maurice Forget, Andrew Betsis ELT publications
VOCABULARY – SYNONYMS in alphabetical order
Affect – influence, impact
Among – within a group
Appeal to – be liked by
Binge drinking – orgy, blind, drunk
Caution – care, protection
Cautious - careful
Commit – do
Common – usual, typical
Confused – perplexed, not clear
Conventional – mainstream, usual, traditional
Criminal – illegal, against the law
Elicit – extract, collect, make someone say, draw out, extort
Fact – reality, incident
Fiction – story, myth
Find out – discover, learn, realise, bring to the light
Frustrate – disappoint, inhibit, discourage, inhibit
Gangs – groups of people, team
Gap – opening, hole, missing
Generation gap – age gap, differences
Growers – farmers
Hire – employ, give work to, recruit
Illegal – against the law, not legal
Inspire – offer new ideas/interest, motivate
Join a group – be a member
Males – boys, men
Mentality – way of thinking, thinking ability
Movement – new trend
Notice – observe, see, realise
Elen Sotiropoulou, English Teacher
Peer – of the same group, age
Picker – person who picks/collects
Piercings – holes on your skin for earrings
Pressure – oppression, force,
Promiscuity – looseness, indiscrimination
Reaction – behaviour
Refer to – mention, talk about
Refuse – do not agree with, do not accept
Reputation – fame, be known for/as
Situation – instance, case, occasion, circumstances
Supportive – caring, helpful, in favour of
Tagging – following, labelling, mark, identify, affix
Vandalism – destruction, breaking, destroying
Violent – brutal, fierce, cruel,
Yobs – ???
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Abstain from – keep away from, constrain, renounce, stop, give up
Adhere to – stick to, strongly believe in, comply with, obey, follow
Association – connection, relationship
Attire – outfit, equipment
Be involved in – participate, be part of
Claim – support, state
Close – minded – rigid
Cult – worship, group sharing belief, faith, party, faction
Definitely – certainly
Do –gooder – person who does good deeds/things
Edge – the far end, border, fringe, threshold, limit, skirt
Extreme – to the edge
Factor – sth influential, determinant, part, ingredient, element,
Genre – style, category, fashion
Hard core – rigid, wild, stubborn, faithful, obstinate
Hostile – enemy, not friendly, mean, antagonistic, malevolent, unkind
Incident – event. Circumstance, event
Intense – strong, piercing, repetitive
Intimidate – scare, frighten
Mainstream – common, current, fashionable, standard, popular, typical
Misrepresent – stand for someone in a bad/unsuccessful way
Movement – trend, activity
Elen Sotiropoulou, English Teacher
Occur – happen, take place
Originally – initially, at first
Particularly – especially
Promiscuous – immoral, unrestricted, wild, immoral, easy
Publicised – advertised, well known
Rather than – instead of
Regulate – control, keep one’s edge
Rep – representative
Repeatedly – all the time, over and over again
Represent – stand for
Shape – form, influence
Sin – do things against religious laes, unethical
Straight – lined, in a line
Subscribe to – follow
Target – aim at, focus on, be interested in
Thrashing most pits – beat up, defeat, crush
Tied to – stuck to, connected
Unfamiliar with – don’t know
Vices – sins, negative aspects
Vigilante – overseer, patrol, guard, supervisor
Way off the mark – off track, irrelevant to
All – terrain – for all lands/grounds/surfaces
Approach – get close to
Associated with – connected to
Constant – continuous, repetitive
Consume – take up, devour, absorb, utilize
Crop – outcome, produce, harvest of fruit, yield
Illicit – illegal, forbidden, immoral, prohibited, unlawful
In the process – as a result
Labour – work
Launch – set up
Lure – entice, captivate, allure, charm
On guard – cautious, careful, protected
Patches – bits and pieces
Raid – attack, roundup, invasion, descent
Elen Sotiropoulou, English Teacher
Region – area
Rural – of the countryside, provincial, bucolic, farm, pastoral, agricultural
Seize – occupy, take over
Seizure – breakdown, stroke, fit, paroxysm, spasm, spell
Shortage – lack
Skip school – miss, avoid, desert, flee, omit, don’t go to school
Spokesman – representative
Vehicle – car
Elen Sotiropoulou, English Teacher