Cellular Communication and Endocrine w_pwrpt

Cell Signaling
Name ________________ Period ________ Date _____
Types of Signaling
A. The three types of signaling:
1. There is direct cellular contact that occurs between _____________ . This is one source of cell to cell
2. Paracrine signaling is ___________________________. One example is _________________.
3. Neurons communicate with other neurons via ___________ _________________. The chemical
messengers are called _______________________.
4. Endocrine signaling occurs over _____________________ distances and includes the signals transfers from
B. The three stages of the signal transduction pathway :
1. Reception which is when the ____________ attaches to the ____________.
2. Transduction which usually includes a ________________ change. This causes the signal to illicit the
3. The final stage is the __________________.
C. Receptor types are:
1. Cell ___________ receptors. These are located on the cell ____________.
a. This results in a signal ________ pathway that may activate many ____________ in order to pass this
signal. Each step has a yes/no ________________.
b. There are __________________ messengers that pass the signal such as __________ and
c. _________________ are a diffusible signal in the cytoplasm but they still stay near the surface and
usually activate a cell surface enzyme. G- linked proteins are usually activated by GTP, hence the name.
2. Intra cellular receptors are located ___________ the cell. Nonpolar ligands, such as __________
_______________ _______________, can diffuse through the lipid bilayer to reach an internal receptor. The activated
receptor usually affects ________________ or __________________.
Use the cell models to complete the following on Cell communication and Sugar Regulation .
1. What are the three main events for any cellular communication?
1. After following the model instructions for the Pancreas cell, write a brief summary of the three main events in this cellular
2. How does the communication travel from the pancreas cell to the muscle cell?
3. After following the instructions for the muscle cell, write a brief summary of the three main events in this cellular
4. Develop a model for the cell communication required to instruct the muscle cell to release sugar back in to the blood stream.