Quiz 2

Review guide - Quiz 2
In preparation for the upcoming quiz, please be familiar with/know the following for
Chapter 6:
- the 6 functions of the skeletal system
- what bone tissue consists of
- Bone cell type, functions, and origin
- Differences in structure of Compact bone vs Spongy bone
- Parts of long bone structure
- the processes of intra-membranous and endochondral ossification and what
types of bones each forms
For Chapters 7 & 8:
- the major bones of the axial skeleton (includes bones of the skull, thoracic cage,
vertebral column)
- the major bones of the appendicular skeleton (includes bones of the pectoral
girdle, upper limbs, pelvic girdle, and lower limbs)
- how many bones there are within each categorical division
-general/major surface features of bone based on function and/or structure