Savage Science Anatomy and Physiology Mid Term Exam Review

Savage Science
Anatomy and Physiology
Mid Term Exam
Questions 1-47: These are all questions that deal with body organization. This could include
planes, directions, levels (chemical, cellular, organ, etc), systems, and medical imaging processes.
Your notes from the beginning of the year through test #1. Also chapter 1 of your book.
Questions 48-81: These questions relate to body chemistry. This includes the lab we did on
nutrients in your food, essential elements, chemical composition of the body, macro and micro
compounds, etc. Your notes from test #1 through test #2 and also chapter 2 of your book (mostly
your notes).
Questions 82-100: These questions deal with cells and cell membranes. This could include hyper,
hypo, and isotonic situations, cell membrane anatomy, basic cell parts, transcription and translation
of DNA. Notes in your notebook through test #3 also chapter 3 in your book.
Questions 101-144: These are tissue questions. Chapter 4 in your book has wonderful pictures to
review with. These are questions that identify epithelial, connective, muscle, nerve and bone
tissue. Although there will not be slide put up on the screen, like before, there are questions that
do include pictures. Also, in this area of the test, are questions relating to skin, its layers, and
burns. (About 10 questions about skin….chapter 5)
Questions 145-210: This is the skeletal system part of the test. There will not be a practical but
there are bone pictures to identify. There are questions that deal with bone structure, broken
bone types, and quantity of bones in the skeleton. A) A skulls sutures, cranial bones, jugular
foramen, palatine bone, auditory meatus’, and occipital condyles, B) A skeleton to identify main
bones names only (such as humerus), C) A coxal bone D) A foot E) A hand F) Atlas and Axis G)
Scapula H) Femur
The whole test is multiple choice. Although 210 questions seem like a
large amount of questions it is actually better for you. That way if you
don’t know something it isn’t as big a deal. You will have plenty of time, in
the 90 minutes, to complete this exam but start your studying before the
evening of. Proper study techniques include multiple visits to your
information for several days before. It will not magically stick in your
brain the night before.