Chapter 1 Module 2 Continued

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Chapter 1—Module 2 continued
p. 11 Do The Math
Five Key Global Indicators
1) ______________________
2) ______________________
3) Average global surface temperature and CO2 concentration
What has been the purpose of greenhouse gases throughout the history of life on Earth?
What has happened to the levels of atmospheric CO2 during the last two centuries?
According to the graph on page 12, what has also changed as CO2 levels increased?
What does it mean to say that the cause of this is anthropogenic?
4) Human Population
What has been the trend in population?
What is the expected trend for the future?
5) Resource Depletion
What are some negative consequences of using our resources besides depleting them?
Can a renewable resource become nonrenewable? Give an example.
What is meant by development? What happens to resources as countries become more developed?
What is meant by sustainability?
What are some concerns as our population continues to grow?
What lesson can be learned from Rapa Nui (Easter Island)?
How can we live sustainably?
What are basic human needs?
Explain the term biophilia.
What is an ecological footprint?
p. 6 Review
p. 18 Review
On a separate piece of paper, make a list of the activities you did or will do today (at least 10) and attempt to describe
their impact on the five global environmental indicators described in this chapter. For each activity, such as eating lunch
or traveling to school, make as complete a list as you can of the resources and fuels that went into the activity and try to
determine the impacts of using those resources.
After completing your inventory, visit the website for the Global Footprint Network (
and complete the personal footprint calculator. Compare the impacts you described with the impacts you are asked to
identify in the personal footprint calculator. Write a reflection of this activity on the same page as your activities.
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