Carbon Footprint


In this online assignment you 1) will visit a website that calculates your carbon footprint and 2) will view a video piece called “The Story of Stuff. Answer the questions below concerning your carbon footprint in a red ink. This will take no more than one half hour. Then you should watch the story of

Stuff, the 21 or 45 min version. Write a one page essay on it. What its about, how you felt when you watched it , what is valuable about the information, what you learned and finally how it might impact you.

Complete all work online and put it into “Etudes>Discussion>Journal Entries>. Do not print the report for me. I will read it on line in etudes. This is worth 20 points (see syllabus). Have a great weekend and I will see you in Class. Be prepared to talk about both in class.

Think before you print!!

YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT copy and paste on the URL line the following:

Answer the Following



What are 3 greenhouse gases?

From what sources are they derived?


What parameters concerning your lifestyle were used to calculate a carbon footprint. a.





b. c. d.

What was the dominant form of energy usage in your household?

How can someone make there home naturally and more efficiently cooler?


How can you delay turning on your A/C and stay comfortable?

What is the average mode of transportation? a. How many tons are carbon dioxide come from transportation? b. Are there alternative you have available?

How many tons of CO2 are produced a. for one long trip


b. for one short trip

Does diet affect carbon foot print?


What is your diet composed of?


Describe those parameters in the diet that lowers carbon footprint the most?


Why does organic food lower the CO2 output?


Why does recycling lower your carbon footprint?


Emissions comparisons: a, What is your average? b, What is the US average? c. What is the world average?


What is your opinion about the experience? Please take this space to elaborate on the topic.

The Story of Stuff

Please visit the following url and write a one page essay on the topic. You can use the suggestions given above to write your essay. I suggest you jot down some notes as you listen and watch.

Send your answers and responses to my hotmail account. I do not accept hard copies. This is due by the End of Spring Break.. It should be a single spaced, one page, 12 font essay. ENJOY!!