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Computer Test Study Guide

Computer Videos Test Study Guide (20pts)
What is one part of your digital footprint you control? What you post
What is one part of a negative digital footprint? Profanity
What is a digital footprint? The things you leave on the internet
What is digital etiquette also known as? Netiquette
What percentage of kids reported being bullied online? 43%
What is one part of your digital footprint you don't control? What you are tagged in
Are there limits to free speech? yes
Can you legally make false claims about others? no
Why is it important to log off accounts if you are sharing a computer? The person you are
sharing it with can see what you are doing.
What was the analogy he used to describe how hackers could read the information before it
reaches the site you sent it to? Postcard
What does the "s" at the end of https stand for? secure
Why should you be careful what you put into emails when using a work account? Your boss can
see what you said
What is malware? Malicious software
What is one form of malware? Worms
What is the most important factor in protecting against malware? Don’t click on pop ups
What is a good practice if you see a popup message that you are suspicious of? Google it.
What is digital commerce? Buying and selling of goods online
What are two things to look for to see if a site is safe and secure? A lock by the link and s next
to https
Which rating can you learn a ton about a product? 3 stars