Revelation 3.20 “Here I am. I stand
at the door and knock. If anyone
hears My voice and opens the door,
I will come in and eat with him, and
he with Me.”
Another invitation to draw near to
“Before a sinful man can think a right
thought of God, there must have been
a work of enlightenment done within
him.” -- A.W. Tozier
Psalms 42.2-4
The only way we can create and
maintain a hunger for God is to protect
our soul by choosing what we fill it
Proverbs 27.7 “A satisfied soul loathes
the honey comb.”
The Laodicean church’s issue was not
material things, but they had allowed
the material things to satisfy their
Hunger is the key element to whether
or not we pursue intimacy with God.
Hunger is your spiritual thermometer.
Backsliding begins when we are
indifferent to the Scriptures and things
of God, and become more excited
about natural things than the things of
Isaiah 42.3 “Smoking flax He will not
Psalms 107.9 “For He satisfies the
longing soul, and fills the hungry soul
with goodness”