Flight Number 7


How many times have you stood at an airport

And watched as the planes come and go

Did you ever just stop to think how much

You’re just like that great silver bird in your soul.

And just like that airplane your soul has wings,

That’ll take you to glory someday,

And you’ve the power of that heavenly tower,

To guide you though be the way.

Flight no.7,now boarding for heaven

Please have your tickets in hand

Your captain is Jesus, so welcome aboard

We’re bound for the Promised Land

Are you coming my friend, your ticket’s been paid

By the ransom at Calvary

We’ll meet Christ we’re told on those streets of pure gold

What a wonderful day that will be

There’ll be hijackers waiting to take you off

They like you to go the wrong way

But Christ in control, He’ll pilot your soul

And guide you so you cannot stray

The flights are not crowded, they’re always on time

You never must wait to depart

The take off is gentle, the baggage is light

But you’ve got to take Him in your heart