Muscular System

Functions of the muscular system
Functions of the muscular system
• Stabilize joints with their TENDONS
• (connect muscle to bone)
• Relaxes and contracts, and provides force
to move your body parts
• In the process, energy is used to do work
and heat is produced. This heat helps to
keep you body temperature regular.
• Provides support
Types of muscle tissue
How the skeletal System is a
simple machine
• A Lever is a rod or plank that pivots
around a fixed point.
• Bones=Rod
• Joint=Fulcrum
• Contraction and relaxation of
muscles=force needed to move the lever
How do muscles work
How do muscles work
• Control: information from the brain through a
motor neuron that tells the cell to contract.
• Muscles need energy…the blood carries energyrich molecules called glucose. Chemical energy
stored in these molecules is released through a
process called cellular respiration. This chemical
energy is transferred into mechanical energy
(movement) and thermal energy (heat). When
the supply of energy is used up, the muscle
becomes tired and needs to rest.
How do muscles work
• Opposing muscles: Muscles can only pull
they can not push.
How do muscles change?
• Using your muscles can make a muscle
larger and stronger.
• Not using your muscles can make a
muscle smaller and weaker.
• These changes are mostly due to a
change in the size of the muscle cell.
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