Othello excuse letter

Nathan Brinling
AP Literature and Composition
Mr. Lane
8 January 2010
To Whom It May Concern,
Please excuse Othello for the following over the past three days:
Please excuse Othello for the murder of Desdemona. The crime was committed on an
error in communication. Othello thought that he had enough information based on the proof
Iago gave him. Othello killed Desdemona because he loved her too much. He could not
imagine being with any other woman and thought that he and Desdemona would be together
forever. Othello’s fatal flaw is that he is over emotional and loves Othello too much. Othello
was a good husband to Desdemona and loved her with all of his heart. He acted on his
emotional instinct. Othello was never given time to think things out and digest the whole
situation. Perhaps if the events had played out over a longer span than three days, then
Othello would have made a sound decision that weighed the options when contemplating
killing the love of his life.
Please excuse Othello for believing he could trust Iago. He gained Othello’s trust
through deceitful and dishonest ways. How was Othello to know that Iago is a lying man who
only wishes for his own personal gain? Iago was excellent at hiding his lies that he told Othello.
Iago carefully made sure there was evidence every step of the way. Othello had every right to
believe that Othello could be trusted. As Othello smothers Desdemona, he says “I am cruel am
yet merciful, I would not have thee linger in pain” (V,II,98-99). Othello wants to kill
Desdemona, but he does not want her to suffer a painful death. Even while he kills her, he
does not want her to feel pain.
Please excuse Othello for hitting Desdemona. This incident caused many to cry foul. I
agree that battered-wife syndrome is a very serious problem in a relationship. I would argue
that this is the first time Othello ever hit Desdemona. I do not agree with him hitting a woman,
but one must agree that adultery is a very serious crime. Othello was presented with
substantial proof that Desdemona was cheating on him with Cassio. Othello was told many
convincing lies and saw a handkerchief outside Cassio’s room. Othello also acted on his
emotions. He was always an emotional person, but never acted physically towards
It may seem like this is a lot to ask of you, but please excuse Othello for his actions. He
may have been overly emotional, but he acted out for the love of his life. Othello loved
Desdemona too much. Iago did a great job of tricking Othello into thinking that he could be
trusted. Iago set up an impressive series of lies. Othello may have done many questionable
things, but it was out of love for Desdemona, the love of his life. Please excuse Othello for his
Nathan Brinling