Weekly Progress report 3-25

This week:
- Met with Dr. Daasch and team to discuss progress and problems. Talked about revision control ideas on the
software side of the project.
- Worked on tab control program in labview in order to see how I can invoke different programs in one program.
- I manually saved documents with revision numbers suggested by Dr. Daasch.
- Worked with Ben to create the shell for the main program. This program can help user to go through testings like
latch-up, curve tracing, short on power, power on. Currently it is set up to run continuously in a wait step until stopped
manually or until a test is initiated. Tabs are set up to run each part of the program manually as well as one for
running the whole gambit of tests automatically. It still needs the blocks set up to run correctly and the report
generation figured out, but the basis for the whole program is set up.
Next week:
- Meet with team on Wed to have first board review session.
- Work on finalizing blocks for use in main program.
-Order sample connectors from Digikey in order to test connectors we chose and finalize them.
- Make sure that all programs I have created are accessible to general users.
- I have no access to Intel remote desktop which has labview and also have no access to intel campus. In addition to
this the labview software which Tom has given us is also expired few days ago. So only work I can do on labview is
just Friday. I am learning labview day by day so it takes much time to write one program. I talked with Tom about this
and he said PSU didn’t submit the document which Intel wanted from PSU. So I am just worried how I can solve this