LabView Internet Toolkit

LabView Internet Toolkit
Abilities and Applications
What is LabView Internet Toolkit?
Module of LabView Software
Allows LabView designed programs to
access resources over an internet/intranet
Can be used via several different mediums
XML [Extensible Markup Language]
Uses XML DOM [Document Object Model]
Core as a parser to extract and manipulate
data without having to translate the XML
The XML DOM Core can also be used to
validate XML Documents
CGI [Common Gateway Interface]
CGI Applications are also useable by LabView
including the most common POST and GET
CGI also provides client and server side
‘cookies’ which store state information which
is otherwise not stored via the normal HTML
G Web Server
An Important Part of the Internet Toolkit
Works just as a normal web server should
Allows multiple LabView Clients to connect to
and modify project data [regardless of format
– XML/CGI etc.]
Useable across multiple platforms of same
version LabView software
More information can be found in PDF help
files regarding G Web Server