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Grade 11 College English
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Course Description:
This course emphasizes consolidation of literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills. Students will analyse
informational texts, and literary works from various time periods, countries, and cultures; write research reports,
summaries, and short analytical essays; complete an independent study project; and analyse the interactions among
media forms, audiences, and media industry practices. An important focus will be on establishing appropriate style
and using business and technical language effectively.
Course Outline:
Unit 1
Short Stories
Unit 2
Novel study (A Long Way Gone)
Unit 3
Drama (death of a salesman)
Unit 4
Writing with a purpose
Unit 5
Grammar & ISU (throughout)
* Please note the amount of time spent on a unit may change.
Assessment and evaluation in this course will be based on provincial curriculum expectations. Learning skills will be
evaluated separately unless they are embedded in an expectation. Formative assignments and evaluations may
include tasks such as portfolios, journals, essays, presentations, exhibitions, products (i.e. collage, scrapbook), tests,
etc. Performance tasks will be either divided up or placed into the most appropriate category listed below. Evaluation
throughout the course and final evaluation will incorporate the four broad categories outlined in the following chart.
* journals
* essays
* presentations
* quizzes
* grammar
* tests
* ability to read, interpret, * journals
and use the language of
the course
* tests
* KWL chart
* journal
* in-class
* portfolio
* use of literary
* tests
* writing
* product
Your FINAL GRADE in this course will be determined as follows:
TERM WORK (as described in the chart) 70%
FINAL EVALUATION (final exam / independent study unit) 30%
Learning Skills:
The following learning skills will be taught and assessed throughout the course:
Independent work skills
Teamwork (peer evaluation, self evaluation, group work)
Organization (notebooks)
Work Habits (homework, assignments in on time)
Initiative (class participation, seeks extra help, engages in learning opportunities)
How to Be Successful in This Class
1. Use three ring binders only.
2. Notes from other subjects should not be mixed with those of this subject.
3. Each day’s work should start with a topic heading and date.
4. Notebooks should be neat and complete.
5. You are allowed to bring your notebook into the exam.
Tests and Assignments:
1. A test will be given at the end of each unit. You will receive at least 2 or 3 days notice.
2. Short informal quizzes based on homework may be given at any time.
3. It is never acceptable to submit work late without negotiating an alternate deadline. Some deadlines are
negotiable, others are absolute. If the student is absent on the due date, the assignment is due on the date of his or
her return to school.
4. It is YOUR responsibility to seek help from your teacher when you feel unable to complete a task/assignment due
to insufficient knowledge, understanding or skill.
5. It is not acceptable to inform the teacher of difficulties the day the assignment is due.
6. Late assignments will be assigned a mark of zero. Use your agenda!
Absence from Tests:
1. All students must verify the legitimacy of their absence.
2. Skipped tests will receive a mark of zero.
3. Students must make arrangements for missed tests due to field trips.
4. Missed tests must be written at an arranged time upon the return of the student to class. These arrangements are
the responsibility of the student.
Attendance and Lateness:
1. Regular attendance at school is critical for the student’s learning and achievement of course expectations.
2. You are responsible for catching up on notes and completing any missed assignments.
3. Punctuality and preparedness is expected. All resources (pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, paper, etc) should
be brought to class so work can begin on time.
4. If you are late for class, you will enter quietly without disturbing other students.
Pride in Presentation:
1. Work that is submitted for evaluation (i.e. tests, quizzes, assignments) must be neat, legible, well-organized and in
acceptable form.
2. Work that does not meet acceptable criteria may be returned for rewriting or may not be evaluated. Don’t take that
1. Homework is expected to be completed for the next class unless otherwise noted.
2. Homework will be given periodically and will be taken up the following day.
3. Incorrect work should be corrected and appropriate questions asked to clarify problems.
The most important thing in this class is you! If you need help of any kind my door is always open – I may not always
be in my class, but keep looking for me or contact me via e-mail