Writing Assignment 2: Due in class Monday, Feb. 16 th

Writing Assignment 2: Due in class Monday, Feb. 16th
Topic: Measuring Attitudes with the Implicit Association Test
• Go to www.understandingprejudice.org/iat/
• Take the “Implicit Association Test” – it will be the first page that appears,
hit ‘continue’ and then choose either the gender or race test (or do both if
you’d like…)
• Note that you will likely need a flash player on the computer you’re using
to take the IAT…if your computer does not load/start the test, you should
try again on any campus computer with a flash player (most computer
labs on campus).
• If you have problems with the link above, you might try closing your
internet browser and choosing a different browser. An alternate link is
also available: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/
• Write about your reactions to this test. Specifically, answer the following:
1. Give a general summary of your results.
2. Do you feel the results from the implicit test accurately described
your views (of the racial or gender groups, whichever test you
completed)? Why or why not?
3. How do the procedures and methods used by this test measure your
implicit attitudes? Read the material in your book/class notes about
implicit vs. explicit attitudes and check out some links on the IAT
website for more information.
Review the writing assignment guidelines posted on the course website to make
sure your assignment meets requirements for credit. Note that you need to
address all questions above and write at least ONE page of content (with 1 inch
margins, double-spaced and 10-12 pt font).