Independent Assignment

AP PSYCHOLOGY: U1 Independent Assignment
Due 1/14/14
Part one: The IAT
Go to and read the introduction. Then go to and read #19-23 and answer the question
1) From what you just read, what is the IAT about?
Read the preliminary info at and then click on the GO
button near the US flag. On the next page, click I wish to proceed. On the next page, find the Race IAT and
click on that button to begin. Follow the instructions.
When you have finished the Race IAT, answer the questions below:
2) What were the results for you? (Write/paste them below) What are your reactions to these results?
3) What did you like or dislike about the way this test was done? (pushing the computer keys, seeing the faces,
the words they used, etc.)
4) What do you think of the concept of implicit associations – do these tests reveal prejudices that people are
not aware of consciously?
Why or why not?
Part two: A Girl Like Me
Watch this video and write a short response to the video, about
½ page. The first half of your response should explain the experiments originally done by Dr. Kenneth and
Mamie Clark that Kiri is replicating. The second half should be your reaction to the video. If you need some
ideas on what to write here, you can always answer the two questions on the lower right on this video’s