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I. 5-10-12
Brenna Flores
Social Studies MLA Outline Chapter 3-4
I. The First English Colony
A. How was the First English Colony created?
1. The English watched with envy as Spain as Spain
gained riches from its American colonies.
2. Sir Walter Raleigh raised money to outfit a colony in
North America.
3. Sir Walter Raleigh sent John White back to Roanoke
with a new group of settlers, including women and
4. After three years John White sailed back to Roanoke,
when he arrived, he found that the settlement was
quiet. On a tree there was the word carved
CROATON, the name of a nearby island. The
disappearance of the colony remains a mystery still
II. Challenge and Survival in Jamestown
A. What did the royal charter help with?
1. The charter is a legal document giving certain rights to
a person or company.
2. The royal charter gave the Virginia Company the right
to settle lands between present-day North Carolina and
the Potomac River.
3. The charter guaranteed that colonists of this land,
called Virginia, would have the same rights as English
B. What happened in 1607?
1. In 1607 a group of colonists sailed in Chesapeake Bay
and began building homes along the James River.
They named their tiny out post Jamestown after their
2. The colonists discovered that Jamestown was located
in a swampy area.
3. By the summer of 1608, the colony was near failure.
C. Who was Captain John Smith?
1. Captain John Smith was a young soldier who helped
save the colony.
2. He set up stern rules that forced colonists to work if
they wished to eat.
3. In 1609 when John Smith returned to England. The
colony went downhill. They would burn down houses
to keep them warm.
D. What was the profitable crop?
1. In 1612 colonists began growing tobacco.
2. King James called it a “vile custom.” Everybody
wanted tobacco.
3. By 1620, England was importing more than 30,000
pounds of tobacco a year.
III. Representative Government
A. What did they House of Burgesses make?
1. The House of Burgesses made laws for the colony.
2. The House of Burgesses marked the beginning of
representative government in the English colonies.
3. Representative Government is voters who elect
representatives to make laws for them.
B. What was the Magna Carter?
1. The Magna Carter was a document that said that the
king could not raise taxes without first consulting a
Great Council of nobles and church leaders.
2. The Great Council grew into a representative
assembly, called Parliament.
3. Parliament was divided into the House of Lords, made
up of nobles, and an elected House of Commons.
New Arrivals
A. How was the women an impact on the Jamestown
1. In 1608 the colonies first arrival of women came.
2. The Virginia Colony charged each man who found a
wife 150 pounds of tobacco to get married.
3. The women had o make everything from food,
clothing, even medicine.
4. By 1624, there were still fewer than 300 women in the
Jamestown colony.
B. How did the Africans help the colony?
1. Some Africans slaved for life.
2. Some worked as servants and expected one day to
own their farms.