Southern Colonies Outline

CH 3-1 Outline
American Colonies
A. The Settlement
1. When and where was it settled________________________________
2. Problems facing the colonists
a. ___________________________________
b. ___________________________________
c. ____________________________________
3. John Smith- who was he, and what did he do for the colony?
4. Powhatan Confederacy- relationship with the colonists?
5. John Rolfe-what did he do significant for Jamestown?
5. Pocahontas- who was she?__________________________________________
6. What happened in 1624?___________________________________________
B. Daily Life in Virginia
1. Most people had plantations and farmed what cash crop? _______
2. Headright system- earned land if paid own way, and earned more land
for each person they brought to Virginia
3. Indentured servants—
4. 2 factors that led to increase in slavery by mid 1600’s
a. ___________________
b. ___________________
5. Bacon’s Rebellion
a. What was it about? And who led it? And what did they do to
Other Southern Colonies
A. Why did English Catholics come to America_____________________________
B. Maryland
1. Why was the colony started? _____________________________________
2. Proprietary colony—____________________________________________
CH 3-1 Outline
American Colonies
3. How did this colonies start compare to
4. What was the significance of the Toleration Act of 1649 to the American
C. Carolinas and Georgia
1. North and South Carolina- did these colonies depend on slavery for labor on the
plantations? What was the population of slaves vs
2. What did James Oglethorpe hope the colony of Georgia would be? Did it work
out this
Economies of Southern Colonies
A. Agriculture economies
B. Exported ________________, and ____________
C. Farms did well in the south because
a. _______________________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________________
D. Three Cash crops of Southern Colonies
a. ____________________________________
b. ____________________________________
c. ____________________________________
E. Slavery was needed to grow cash crops
a. Treatment of slaves? ___________________
b. Slave codes? __________________________
c. 2 examples of Slave Code laws
i. _______________________________________________
ii. _______________________________________________