Colonial America Test Review


Southern colonies thrived on _tobacco farming_.

Jamestown would have been more successful if they would have moved the colony inland to higher ground.

A person living on the border of the middle and southern colonies could have profited from both regions by driving a wagon with crops to the market.

The colonist used the sea to trade with other countries , whaling, and fishing .

A negative impact for Native Americans and the colonists could be:

1. Native Americans may be forced westward .

2. There could be conflicts

3. There might not be enough resources for everyone.

Roger Williams & William Penn both started their colonies to establish religious freedom and welcomed everyone.

Economic freedom,voluntary exchange, private property, and profit motives are all characteristics of free enterprise .

The Virginia House of Burgesses was created in 1619 by an all male English group.

The House of Burgesses allowed people to recommend a local law for protection.

Diversity of the colonies allowed the country to appreciate cultural differences.

William Bradford

helped write the

Mayflower Compact, build relationships with American Indians, and the First Thanksgiving.

A monarchy has a single ruler who controls the government.

Mercantilism consists of limited markets in England, gold & silver, raw materials from colonies and limited trade with


Jamestown allowed economic opportunity; while Plymouth allowed religious freedom.

The Colombian Exchange brought horses, tomatoes, vegetables, and smallpox to the New World.

American Indians and colonists had different languages, appearances, and religion . Many of these differences in their culture were passed down from their ancestors.

Anne Hutchinson dared to be different, to live and worship as she chose.