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Tonight’s Agenda

 2015 Economic Update

 Strategies to Consider

 Questions & Answers

All examples provided are hypothetical and meant for illustrative purposes only. State income tax laws can be different from

Federal income tax laws depending on your state. Be sure to take this into account before making any decisions. Individual situations will vary so please consult a tax advisor to address your specific situation.

Five Key Areas of Financial Planning

 Protection

 Retirement Plan

 Investments

 Tax Planning

 Estate Planning

Let’s take a non-emotional look at some key facts!

Is the stock market overdue for a correction?

Technically speaking… YES !

• The S&P has gone over 1,250 days and nearly doubled in price with no major setbacks since its last drop of 10%.

• S&P averages approximately one correction a year.

• Some argue that equity markets have been technically overdue since the end of 2012.

(Source: Barron’s 4/27/2015)

It’s not the longest streak investors have seen…

October 1990 –

October 1997

2,553 days

Gain of 223%

(Source: Barron’s 4/27/2015)

In April the

NASDAQ reached a

15-year high!

While the index recovered….

conditions have changed!

Let’s compare…

2000 2015

$525 billion #1 $393 billion #2

$21 billion $759 billion #1

$466 billion #2 $147 billion #10

Wasn’t public $388 billion #3

Didn’t Exist $228 billion #4

(Source: Reuters 4/23/2015)

Wall Street’s top strategists are all bullish for 2015

(Source: Barron’s 12/13/2015)

Increased volatility has returned to the equity markets

Dow Jones Industrial Average


Interest Rates

Interest Rates


Federal Funds Rate is still near 0%

Fed Chair Janet Yellen is clearly caught between the economy and markets in deciding the first rate rise.

"She seems to be hinting that they're going to have to raise rates one way or the other as long as the economy is growing at all."

Chris Low

Chief Economist FTN Financial

Key Interest Rates are Low in Most Countries

What about

OIL prices?

Oil prices still need to be monitored

Recent Job Reports Looked Strong!

What will the future bring?

Our GOAL is to monitor your situation!

Safety is at a premium !

Investors need to prepare for any environment!

What does this mean for you?

What Can We Do Now?

Meet With You!

Confirm your risk tolerance is where it should be for your situation.

Rebalance – Where appropriate

Capital Gains & Loss Tax Harvesting

Review Your Retirement Plans

It might be a good time to

Re-evaluate your risk tolerance.

 Conservative?

 Moderate?

 Aggressive?

The Stock Market vs . Your Portfolio

 An index, whether S&P 500 or the Dow Jones, isn’t a measure of your portfolio.

 It’s what your portfolio is doing, not what “the market” is doing, that is important.

 Your portfolio doesn’t always move in lock step with any single market or index.

Indexes cannot be invested in directly, are unmanaged and do not incur management fees, costs and expenses.

Emotions can often play a large role in how people manage their money.

What Has History Taught Us ?

It’s near impossible to consistently predict market declines or increases.

It’s equally as hard to predict how long a market decline or increase will last.

It’s almost impossible to consistently predict the absolute best time to get in or out of the market!

We review changes for our clients regularly.

What can you expect from us?

Constant communication

More frequent discussions

We are constantly reviewing economic, tax, estate and investment issues for our clients

Our role as your advisor:

 We will maintain a non-emotional objective

 We will avoid knee-jerk reactions

 We will assist you in making decisions that are always in your best interest !




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