Assessment Tool 12: Portfolio Conference Check List

Assessment Tool 12: Portfolio Conference Check
Name: ___________________________________________________ Date:
Enter the date each time you use this check list to assess your performance while working on a cooperative
group task. Place a check mark under the date when you are able to reply “Yes” to the question.
Did I review and revise my portfolio contents? (Refer to
Assessment Tool 10: Portfolio Product Rubric to do this.)
Did I identify any questions, problems, or other issues that I
wanted to discuss?
Did I review my notes from the last portfolio conference and
address any outstanding issues?
Did I try to articulate what new things I’ve learned since my
last conference before the conference?
Did I express myself clearly during the conference?
Did I listen carefully?
Did I answer questions clearly and thoroughly?
Did I ask questions that will help me improve my portfolio?
Did I suggest things that I can do to improve and/or get more
out of my portfolio?
Summary of things I need to improve for the next conference:
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