PMP Project Management Cert

The Original Project Management Professional
Preparing for PMP Certificate – Certified Programme
(exam optional)
Duration: 5 Days
Today’s ever-changing business environment requires new approaches to Project Management, which
has become an important tool for dealing with time-to-market, resources, limitations, downsizing and
global competition. As markets and project organisations become more dynamic, administrative and
technical skills alone are no-longer sufficient to deal with the complexities of modern project
undertakings. In recent years, the Project Management Professional Certification from the Project
Management Institute “PMI” has become the most sought after certification in the world of project
management professionals. To earn PMI’s PMP credential, you must demonstrate the required ‘long
term commitment” to project management professionalism and pass a rigorous, 200-question exam
covering the five project management process groups and nine knowledge areas in PMI’s Guide to
Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK)® 5th edition.
- Understand the nature and tricks of the PMP Exam
- Understand the new concept of Project Management created by PMI
- Understand the whole area of knowledge in the PMBoK® "the latest version, 4th edition" which
includes: Integration Management, Scope management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality
Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management Risk Management, and
Procurement Management and correlate them with the processes groups of project management in
addition to the Professional and Social Responsibility.
- Practice for the Exam
- Determine the gap areas you have
- Develop Confidence
- Tips for the Exam
Who should attend?
Project Managers and program Managers who are or will be involved in the areas of engineering,
production, data processing, research and development, construction, corporate planning, finance and
marketing. This course is of particular importance to executives, managers and supervisors in
government and industry who are concerned with effectively managing ventures and projects where
cost, schedule and performance of programmess must meet rigid requirements.
Daily Course Outline:
Day One
Course Introduction
• Nature of the PMP Exam
• History of the PMP Certification and Exam
• Latest Developments in the Exam process
• Test procedure
• Application Process and Requirements
• The nature and Type of Questions
• Recertification and the Professional
Development Program
Framework of Project Management
• Introduction
• The Project Management Context
Project Integration Management
• Develop Project Charter
• Project Scope Statement (Preliminary)
• Develop Project Management Plan
• Direct and Manage Project Execution
• Monitor and Control Project Work
• Integrated Change Control
• Close Project
• Project Management Process Groups
Day Two
Project Scope Management
• Scope Planning
• Scope Definition
• Create WBS
• Scope Verification
• Scope Change Control
Project Time Management
• Activity Definition
• Activity Duration Estimation
• Activity Sequencing
• Schedule Development
• Schedule Control
Day Three
Project Cost Management
• Cost Estimate
• Cost budgeting
• Cost Control
Project Quality Management
• Quality Planning
• Perform Quality Assurance
• Perform Quality Control
Day Four
Project Human Resource Management
• Human Resource Planning
• Acquire Project Team
• Develop Project Team
• Manage Project Team
Project Communications Management
• Communications Planning
• Information Distribution
• Performance Reporting
• Manage Stakeholders
Project Management Professional Responsibility
• Responsibility of the Project Manager
• Ethical Practices in Project Management
Day Five
Project Risk Management
• Risk Management Planning
• Risk Identification
• Qualitative Risk Analysis
• Quantitative Risk Analysis
• Risk response planning
• Risk monitoring and Control
Course Language:
English (trainer also speaks Fluent Arabic)
Project Procurement Management
• Plan Purchases and Acquisitions
• Plan Contracting
• Request Seller Responses
• Select sellers
• Contract administration
• Contract Closure
Tips for the Exam
TBA (price will include printed course material)