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Application for PMI Examination Development Meetings
(Item Writing, Item Review, Translation Validation, Cut Score)
Project Management Professional (PMP®)
Please complete and e-mail to Thank you.
Company Name:
Home Address:
Years Experience in Project Management:
Date of PMP Certification / ID Number:
PMI ID Number:
Languages – conversant and written:
Have you previously participated in an Exam Development Meeting?
Please provide specifics for two projects in which you performed duties under
general supervision and were responsible for all aspects of the project for the life of
the project:
Please provide specifics for two projects in which you led and directed crossfunctional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, and
Please provide specifics for two projects that had reasonably well-defined project
requirements and deliverables and in which you demonstrated sufficient knowledge
and experience to appropriately apply a methodology. Which methodologies did you
use and how?
Please list primary daily project manager activities (top 3)
Please list highest level of project management responsibility achieved (describe in
3-5 sentences or bullets project aspects such as size, duration, complexity, budget)
Please list any test or assessment development experience (not required) and your
opinion of assessment via multiple-choice questions
Guidelines to be considered a viable candidate to act as an SME in the Workshop:
Currently hold PMP® credential and be in good standing;
Able to read, write, and speak fluent English;
Not in the exam prep training industry relating to any PMI certification*;
Available to travel to workshop location;
Amenable to signing a copyright/confidentiality Project Agreement.
* To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, PMI's certification examination development
practices do not permit trainers, individuals involved with developing training materials related to
any of PMI's certification examinations, and individuals who work for companies developing or
teaching training material (even if they themselves do not teach or train) to participate in
examination development activities.