design defense presentation1

In and Out Line
Monitoring System for
Kelley White
Advisor: Professor Buma
What problem will this project
solve? Goals?:
 A line judge determines if a ball lands in or outside the court
 There is a need to ensure good calls and a fair game for
players and coaches
 Develop a system that can determine if a ball lands on the
 The prototype will be a 6 foot portion of the end line
 Battery powered and rechargeable (able to last a 10 hour
tournament day)
 Green light indicating ball contact
 Simple installation with overlying tape over existing line
Block Diagram
Input from sensor
Indicator (LED)
Design: Sensors
 9 force sensitive resistors
 Connected to
microprocessor with thin
Design: Microprocessor
• Arduino- receives voltage signal from one or multiple of the
• Output LED light at Arduino for ball contact and no light for
foot contact
 Initial testing with the
force plate in Butterfield
 Testing with FSR’s in
electrical engineering
 Final testing on court
with Union College
Volleyball team
Project Schedule:
 Fall term:
Testing with FSR’s and adjust design if necessary
Finalize and order all parts
Detailed design description
Update web page
Final design report
 Winter Term:
- Algorithm development
- Continued development with further testing
- Final project complete with desired testing outcomes
- Final project report
 Basic scotch tape: 0.058 mm
 Wires: 0.2546 mm
 FSR’s: 0.40 mm
Max total thickness: 0.40+0.058= 0.458 mm
*will be negligible to players
.5” diameter
.16” diameter
Arduino MEGA 2560:
1. Pins: Need at least 11 input pins (9 with room)
√ there are 16 input pins
2. Memory rate: Unneeded. Processing real time data to make the
output decision. Not storing any outputs/inputs.
√ 256KB
3. Sampling rate: 10 samples a second worked well for
differentiating force, but 50 samples a second would ensure
√ 16MHz
4. Battery life will need to be chosen after testing with the FSR’s
and computing the maximum power dissipation in the lab
Analog/digital MUX
- 9 input sensors for only 6 feet & need a way to
look at all sensors if the project is expanded to
the whole perimeter