lily GCA MRAM May 2014_FINAL

Grant and Contract Accounting
MRAM-May 8, 2014
Lily Gebrenegus, Associate Director
Grant and Contract Accounting
NEW Non-FEC Cost Share Contribution Reporting
Process required after April 30th
The new Non-FEC Cost Share contribution process for
reporting cost share to GCA will be required for submitting
Non-FEC cost Share to GCA after April 30th.
 Online learning opportunities for the Non-FEC Cost Share
process and procedures:
 Access for reporting Non-FEC Cost Share.
 Step-by-Step instructions for reporting Non-FEC Cost Share
 Allowable Non-FEC Cost Share Contributions
 E-Learning available!
 Preparing your Non-FEC Cost Share contribution report.
GCA Pilots Electronic Document
Management System (EDMS)
 GCA Benefits
• Internal automated workflow
• Consistent document management
 Campus Benefits
• Searchability
• Improved access to reports with supporting
• Reduced records retention risk
Record Retention Trigger Date
 What is it: The document date used to signify the start of the record
retention period.
 This field is triggered by the following event, in order of precedence:
FSR Submission: The date the Financial Status Report(FSR) was
submitted to the sponsor. FSR Submission types:
Final FSR
Quarterly or Annual FSRs: for awards renewed quarterly or annually
Final Invoice: The date the Final Invoice was submitted to the
sponsor, where no additional FSR is required.
Budget Closeout: The date the final budget reconciliation was
completed, where the sponsor does not require a FSR or Final
Grant Tracker RRTD Field
Record Retention Trigger Date
Available in Grant Tracker May 12th
• RRTD will be populated for budgets with
final reports, invoices and closeouts
completed this biennium forward.
• RRTD will not be available for budgets final
reported, invoiced or closed out in the prior
WA State Agencies Estimate Letter
 WA State Administrative & Accounting
Manual Chapter 90
 Provide a final invoice or an estimate of June
expenditures by July, 23 2014.
 Grant Tracker communication in June
For inquiries related to an existing budget number, submit inquiries
through GrantTracker:
Or send inquiries to:
Feedback for GCA? Please contact:
Kirsten DeFries 543-2597
Lily Gebrenegus 543-8972