English 9 Course Outline 2015

English 9 Course Outline
Instructor - Mrs. Colleen Morgan
Home Telephone: 625-1173
E-mail - colleen.morgan@srsb.ca
Course Outline
English 9 follows the curriculum model designed by the Nova Scotia’s Department of Education. It
stresses increasing competence in the following areas1.
The process of communication.
Structure and systems of the English Language 3.
Research, study and composition
Expressing thoughts and values.
The following skills will developed throughout the program:
Reading - for information, understanding, and pleasure.
Writing - essays, reports, letters, poetry, fiction, scripts, etc.
Speaking - class/group discussion, presentations, speeches, debate.
Listening - discussions, audio/video tapes, lecture notes, etc.
Viewing - photos, art, film and video; criticism and production.
The following are the units that will be covered this year.
Unit 1 - Writing Workshop
Unit 2 - Justice - Mandatory Novel - The Outsiders or The Pigman/ Boris or The Boy In The Striped
Unit 3 - Tales with a Twist/Mystery Unit - Mandatory Novel - The Hound of the Baskerville
Unit 4 - Poetry - various anthologies and titles
Unit 5 - Introduction to Shakespeare - Mandatory Novel - Cue For Treason
Unit 6 - Speech and Debate
Unit 7 - Media Studies
Unit 8 - Independent Novel Study – this unit may be interspersed throughout the year.
Assessment Term Grade —
In Class Assignments
Mid Term Exam -
15% of final grade
Final Exam -
15% of final grade
Expectations of Students –
Be on time for class. Students will not be admitted late for class. After three consecutive “lates”, a
lunch hour detention may be assigned.
Participate in class discussions and in classroom activities. Much of the course content hinges on
discussion and becomes much more interesting and vibrant with your input. Initially, you must raise
your hand to speak or your input will not be recognized. The insight of every student is precious
and will be treated as such.
Be prepared for class. Bring all necessary materials. These include the following:
A binder reserved for English 9
All pertinent texts
Working pens
Completed homework
PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be permitted to return to their locker for supplies or assignments.
If you are unprepared for class ( i.e. no pen, text or assignment) three consecutive times, a lunch
hour detention may be assigned.
Homework All homework assignments are to be completed. They are to be completed in detail. i.e no one or
two word answers; all responses are to be in complete sentences and /or paragraphs unless
otherwise stated.
All homework assignments are to be done neatly and legibly, “IF I CANNOT READ IT. I WILL NOT
It should be assumed that all homework may be evaluated. If I collect homework on any given day,
it is to be submitted at the beginning of class. If it is not complete at that time the score is “0". It
will not be accepted at a later date. 0390Homework may be collected randomly.
I will not accept “ I didn’t understand......... as an excuse for not having homework completed. Be
sure to have a solid understanding of what is expected before you leave class or call HOMEWORK
HOTLINE. Students are permitted to call me at my home for clarification but not for a re-teaching of
the lesson. Homework Hotline hours are Mon. - Fri. 6:00 p.m.-9:00 / Sat. And Sun. 12:00 noon
- 8:00 p.m. My home number is 625-1173. Abuse of this privilege will result in it being revoked.
Assignments All major assignments given in class will include a detailed description of what is expected, a marking
rubric, and a due date. Time will always be provided during class to work on assignments and for
conferencing with classmates/teacher as required. As time is very precious during this course, I
strongly recommend that you use the time allotted for assignments
very carefully.
Please Note: For Major Assignments and Essays:
All assignments must include a proper title page, sources cited
page, and bibliography.
All assignments must be submitted on white unlined, unperforated
paper, stapled once in the upper left hand corner.
All assignments must be submitted in blue or black ink, or
typewritten 12 pt. Times Roman font. Double space please.
All work must be printed the day the essay/project is due - DO NOT BRING A DISK TO
Neatness, proper use of the conventions of English and spelling will all be evaluated.
All assignments are due at the beginning of class the day the assignment is due. If for any
reason you are absent the day a project is due, it will not be accepted until a valid reason for
your absence is accepted at the office. If the absence is approved the assignment is due at the
beginning of the class on the day of your return to school.
Late Assignment Policy - (pertaining to major assignments)
INC entered, score of “0”
1 day late - minus 10% - phone call home
2 days late - minus 20% - phone call home/administration contacted
3 days late - minus 30% - phone call home/administration contacted for second
time/student/teacher/administration meeting set up.
4 day - assignment not accepted - Student scores “0"
Plagiarism Plagiarism is a serious offence and will be dealt with very severely.
Students will score a “0" on the assignment.
Phone call home. Meeting with administration.
Attendance Attendance is mandatory. Should students miss a scheduled test they will be expected to inform
the office to the reason for their absence. If it is an excused absence, students will rewrite the test
on the first Thursday or first Monday after their return. Tests missed due to skipping will result in a
“0" grade.
If you are absent from school it is strongly recommended that you have a contact person for the work
that you missed, handouts, notes, homework, etc. Your contact and not your English 9 teacher will
give you the necessary materials and information.Note: When students are issued a photocopied
handout they will receive only one. Should it be lost it is the responsibility of the student to replace it.
Contact Person 1: _________________________________________________
Contact Person 2: _________________________________________________
Note To Parents:
As education only works when there is cooperation between school, student and parent, I would
appreciate any insight you can offer to me regarding your child. Please feel free to contact me at
school - 625-1929, or by email colleen.morgan@srsb.ca with any concerns or questions you may
have. I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year, and am confident we will all
enjoy success. Please take a moment to sign below to indicate that both you and your child are
aware of the expectations and outline for English 9.
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