Design Team

PSESD Next Generation Strategic Design
PSESD is using a design approach to answer three questions: “Where are we going?”, “What should we
be doing?” and “How will we do it?” Working with the current context of education in our state and
region, we will engage stakeholders through individual and group interviews (November-January). We
will consider the economics of the educational system, values, the core competence of our agency,
decision making processes, and the needs of our client districts, schools, educators, students and
families. We will consider these areas with an eye toward our End: Success for Each Child & Eliminate
the Opportunity Gap, and Become an Antiracist Multicultural Organization. A Design Team comprised of
ESD staff and educational partners will synthesize the results of stakeholder interviews and develop a
design document. This document will provide the foundation for a bold future-focused plan.
Design Team
The Design Team has primary responsibility for crafting a visionary design based on stakeholder
contributions. Design Team members are asked to:
 Apply a racial equity lens
 Bring their best thinking forward
 Identify and challenge assumptions
 Communicate visually—a picture really is worth a thousand words
 Work holistically, making sure that functions, structures, and processes complement each
 Contribute their individual and organization’s perspective (if they represent an
 Keep teaching and learning improvement at the center of the design conversation
 Focus on the people in the agency and those whom it serves
 Stick with the process by regular attendance and active engagement
Design Team members will meet four times in the South King County area from November-April 2016:
November 5
January 28
March 2
April 19
Stakeholder perspectives
Stakeholder perspective is critical to the design process. During the month of February 2016, ESD
Strategic Design staff and Team members will invite ESD staff and education partners to share their
reflections on the following question: “What would we have if we could have what we want…right
now?” As much as possible we will seek out existing staff and partner meetings and gatherings to join to
seek stakeholder reflections. The Design Team will synthesize the results of these interviews, which will
provide the basis of the design document.
Please contact Sarita Siqueiros Thornburg, Strategic Design Project Director at (425) 917-7724 or