Final Exam Project - Mentor High School

Media & Marketing
Final Project
(200 points)
Objective: Apply knowledge/skills acquired throughout the semester in a comprehensive advertising
You will develop an advertising campaign. While the entire project is due at the final exam, you must
provide your rough draft before you begin the project.
1) Select a product new to the market and justify your choice – Product must be original and the
advertising campaign must be innovating.
2) Research your product
i) Describe product
ii) Identify any previous products which are similar and what makes yours unique
iii) Relevant information about your product
iv) Identify your target market and justify your choice
v) Discuss what information you would need to help you formulate your plan and identify
ways/methods to acquire information you do not have
3) Develop the advertising campaign
a) Describe and justify your advertising strategy
b) Select a time frame for your advertisement – Months, Years, or Seasonal-explain?
c) Describe the elements of the following parts of your campaign:
Print Ad
Radio Ad – Just a Script
Direct Mail
Interactive Digital Media
Outdoor Ad
Specialty Item (Promotional Item)
Before you may begin on the advertisements you MUST provide a rough draft of your
product and campaign for approval. This must be typed out with specific information
supporting your idea along with a picture.
4) Design your advertisements: Due - Date of Final
Print Ad
 Full color ad that includes the four elements (20)
Radio Ad Script (15)
Direct Mailing (15)
Detailed information about source of mailing list
Sample and description of the direct mailing
TV commercial (25)
 Complete storyboard
 TV commercial either as a fully animated PowerPoint, produced in Windows Movie
Maker or recorded on any device and shown to me.
Interactive Digital Media (25)
 Description and sketch of the homepage of your website or completed in Microsoft
 Description of the components of the website
Outdoor Advertisement (20)
 Description and justification of your outdoor ad
 Sample of your outdoor ad (Billboard, Benches, Bus Ad, etc.)
Specialty Item (10)
 Description, justification and distribution plan (Promotional Item)
5) Reflection Paper: 70 Points – Due: Date of Final
a) Each student will write a reflection about the advertising campaign describing your role in
the development of the campaign (be specific), a critique of your partner’s participation, what
you would change about your campaign. It must be at least two paragraphs with a minimum of
five sentences. Be thorough!
b) Please provide any feedback about the course (likes, dislikes, suggestions, etc.)