As a Buy Local Customer You`ll Receive

Buy Local.
A Community Partnership Program
What is Buy Local?
Wicked Local has launched a grass rots community partnership program called Buy Local. The
program is a grassroots initiative to encourage consumers in our communities to spend their money
where we live, work, and play by supporting local businesses. Now more than ever, consumers can
have a major impact on maintaining the quality of life in their communities by supporting their local
Through these efforts we’ll engage and build awareness with consumers as we drive awareness and
traffic to local businesses and bring together the community through this Buy Local partnership.
Consumer Campaign
The program consists of a consumer campaign that will include:
• Print advertising
• Online advertising
• PSA advertising about the benefits of buying local
• Press Releases and news coverage to kick off the campaign as well as
occasional news stories about the state of the local economy and the benefits of buying local.
• Monthly contests
• Point of Purchase materials
• Plus, special events including social media promotions, on site events,
#BuyLocal promotions, shopper giveaways, and more…
What’s in it for the Local Business?
You’ll be part of a comprehensive business driving program. You’ll not only receive great media and
market reach at great prices, you’ll receive added exposure from a 3 col. X 1” banner added to your
ad that encourages consumers to shop your business. In addition, you’ll receive a photo and 250
word advertorial to tell your story.
What Does All of This Mean?
As a Buy Local Customer You’ll Receive:
A 3 column X 5” Ad in the publication of your choice and
a bonus 3 column X 1” BUY LOCAL branded banner
at the bottom of your ad.
Buy Local Ad Package Includes:
In addition, every eight weeks you
run in the program, you’ll receive an
advertorial that will run adjacent to
your Buy Local ad. The one inch
Buy Local promotional strip will run
across both advertisements making
the total ad space 6 columns x 6”.
That’s a 6” bonus!
Buy Local Ad Package Includes:
• You’ll also receive online visibility with a
directory listing teased prominently on the
homepage of the Wicked Local sites.
• Within the directory listing your business
will be listed with name address and web
link, along with your business spotlight
Directory Header
Page Peel
Buy Local Ad Package Includes:
In addition to the media space within
the package we’ll provide each
participating business window decals
with the Buy Local logo. This will tie
your business to the consumer
campaign and drive traffic to your
That’s the community partnership!
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