Unit 1 Study Guide

Unit 1 Study Guide
Unit 1 Key terms
1. PPE stand for
2. HIPAA stand for
3. PHI stand for
4. DNA stand for
5. PCR stand for
6. RFLP stand for
PPE & Purpose
7. Why is it so important to properly don and remove personal protective equipment?
8. What is the definition of PPE
9. List 5 different types of PPE used in healthcare setting
10. List some factors that influencing PPE selection
HIPAA & Purpose
11. What is the purpose of HIPAA
12. What is PHI
13. What are some of the informations that are protected under this law?
14. What type of law is this and what year was it adapted?
DNA & Purpose
15. What is the purpose of DNA?
16. What is the subunit of DNA?
17. What is the three parts of a nucleotide?
18. What are the four bases?
19. What are the rules for base pairing?
PCR & Purpose
20. What is the purpose of PCR
RFLP & Purpose
21. What is the purpose of RFLP?
22. What cuts DNA?
23. Explain the process of gel electrophoresis?
24. What is DNA fingerprint?
Systems of the Human Body
25. Explain the 11 systems of the human body and what they do
26. Be familiar with how at least 2 pairs of body systems work together.
27. Know what makes up the 11 systems of the human body. (Level of organization)
28. Be able to identify/label different parts of the 11 systems of the human body on a
29. Be able to give examples of different bodily functions and in what system they occur.
Careers & Responsibilty
911 Operator, EMT, Crime Scene Investigator, blood spatter analyst, forensic DNA
analyst, Medical Examiner, Toxicologist, Morgue Assistant