NUR 304\Career Planning

Career Planning
The Donner-Wheeler Model
Phase one: scanning your environment
Phase two: completing your selfassessment and reality check
Phase three: creating your career vision
Phase four: developing your strategic
career plan
Phase five: marketing yourself
Taking stock of the world in which you
 What are the current realities/current
Recognizing the attributes that make
you who you are and what you have
to offer to the environment
Who am I?
 Knowledge and skills
 Interests
 Accomplishments
Reality Check
Seeking feedback about your
strengths and weaknesses…expand
your view of who you are by reflecting
on what others’ say about you
How do others see me?
Take the initiative
 Seek formal and informal feedback
 Listen and accept positive feedback
 Acknowledge areas where change is
 Ask for ideas on how to develop new
Creating your career vision
Looking at what is possible
 Making use of your resources
 Having the ability to harness and
focus your energy
 What do I really want to be doing????
Developing your plan
Putting down on paper the specific
strategies you will use to change your
A purpose or objective towards which
an endeavour is directed
 They need to be specific, time framed,
reachable and relevant
How can I achieve my
career goals?
Action steps
 Resources
 Timelines
 Indicators of success
Marketing yourself
Articulating who you are, what you
want and what you can do
 Persuading others that what you have
to offer meets their current needs
How to best market
Establish a network
 Acquire a mentor or coach
 Develop your written and verbal
communication skills: professional
speaking, presentations & interviews
 Have a targeted resume and cv
 Business cards
 publications
Tool to help you identify, collect and
reflect upon and value your
experiences, learning and
 Helps you see how you are
developing as a professional
 Provides a system for identifying your
goals for future learning and
How to do it?
Begins with reviewing your past and
gathering documents
 Requires ongoing maintenance
 Save anything that identifies your
skills, attributes, contributions and put
that in your portfolio
 Can be used as a means of
completing your QA for CNO
What do I want from my portfolio?
 What goals do I have in mind?
 Components: beliefs about nursing,
life review, learning plan/learning log,
self-assessment, peer feedback, any